Youtube Video Zoomed In

Zooming is supported by most desktop streaming apps and even many smartphone media players. There are no plugins necessary to magnify any video in such players using constructed features.

You can zoom to use the Z-key in VLC Streaming Device, a popular cross-platform video player, and inverse zoom with Shift-Z on the keypad.

Zooming is not supported by YouTube or most other online video platforms. While you may magnify the sites, this frequently leaves the video unaffected.

Zooming can be beneficial in some cases, such as when you would like to focus on a certain portion of a video or look more closely at something that is featured in the movie.

When it comes to magnifying videos on YouTube, consumers have two primary choices. To play Youtube clips, utilize an internet browser extension with zooming features or a third-party media player with zooming features.

zoom youtube video

Take a look at the following browser extensions for YouTube that allow you to zoom in and out:


OwlZoom is a Firefox extension that allows you to zoom in on YouTube videos. The YouTube settings button now has a zoom option thanks to the WebExtension. Toggle it on to enable it and see the various zoom settings the extension supports (between 100 percent and 200 percent ). The changed zoom level is automatically applied. Note that just a portion of the video will be displayed on the screen. After that, activate the selector by clicking on the new zoom icon in the main player toolbar to display a specific zoomed-in section of the screen in the player. By picking 100 percent or using Shift-B, you may return to normal.

Chrome’s Zoom:

The extension is designed to magnify full web pages, but it will also zoom movies on YouTube by extending the player area.

Other extensions, such as Magic Actions for YouTube, can increase the player area to fill the whole browser window. While this isn’t zooming, it could be enough for certain people who wish to see more information on their screens.

zoom in youtube video

The second alternative is to utilize a local video player that can zoom in and play YouTube videos. For example, SMPlayer’s SMTube may be used for this. It is a SMPlayer add-on that must be installed independently.

After you’ve installed it, you may use it to browse and search YouTube. Any video you choose to watch is delivered to the main player interface of SMPlayer, where it begins to play.

The video that plays may then be zoomed using the program’s zoom settings, which are accessible via Video > Zoom and shortcuts.

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