Why is YouTube Subscribing me to Random Channels?

You’re concerned that YouTube subscribing you to Random channels you haven’t selected to follow. Unexpected channels will be added to your subscriber list.

Don’t be concerned if this occurs. So you’ve arrived at the correct location.

In this article, I’ll explain why YouTube continues subscribing to channels you’ve never chosen and how to address the problem.

If you enjoy a YouTuber’s material, you may subscribe to their channel and receive instant notifications whenever they upload a new video. Many YouTube users, however, have complained that the platform automatically subscribes viewers to random channels. We researched these reports, and the results are listed below.

The Reasons YouTube Subscribes You to Random Channels

YouTube is the largest online video streaming and social media network in the world. It is also the second most popular platform, including over a billion monthly active users viewing and over a billion seconds of content consumed each day.

Nowadays, the bulk of individuals spends many hours every day viewing YouTube videos. Some YouTube viewers create new material, while others watch it and provide criticism.

If you like a YouTuber’s material, you can subscribe to push updates every time they publish new videos by hitting the Subscribe button. Most YouTube users, on either hand, have claimed that the platform automatically subscribes to random channels.

There is a technical explanation for causing this problem. It has become a pretty common problem for YouTube viewers. You don’t need to be concerned about this.

Changing the YouTube Channel:

YouTube channel owners will occasionally convert their existing channel to a new one. As a result, they alter their channel’s name, descriptions, and profile image.

As a result, when a YouTube channel owner updates the name and other information of their channel, subscribers perceive a new channel. As a result, many believe YouTube automatically subscribes users to a new channel.

Modifying ownership of a YouTube channel:

It can occur if the owner of a YouTube channel sells their channel ownership to some other user or owner. Following channel control, the new owner modifies all channel data such as the channel name, about, description, profile image, and so on.

It transforms into a new channel after altering all of the details on the previous channel. As a consequence, when existing subscribers go to their YouTube channel subscribe lists, they find new channels and get anxious.

The possibility of your account getting hacked:

It can arise if a hacker gains access to your email or YouTube account. When your YouTube account is stolen, hackers may be able to subscribe you to a random YouTube channel.

Possibility of a Side Channel:

When a content creator decides to start a spinoff or subsidiary of their primary channel, YouTube may subscribe to you automatically. That is a methodical technique to accelerate the growth of a new channel. That has occurred to me as well, therefore it is possible that it will happen to you as well.

Someone clicked on the Subscribe button:

Someone else may have subscribed you to the channels. Children frequently like playing with phones. When youngsters play with their phones, such as viewing YouTube videos, they inadvertently press the subscribe button. That might explain why your Subscriptions list is loaded with channels from all over the place.

Compatibility issue with your browser and extensions:

If you use plug-ins, this could be one of the main reasons YouTube continues to subscribe to channels you haven’t chosen to subscribe to.

It’s conceivable that one of your browser addons is incompatible with your YouTube account. You’ll notice that your browser extensions have some surprising behavior.

How can I disable YouTube’s auto-subscription?

YouTube automatically subscribing individuals to random channels is a widespread problem in the YouTube community. Many customers are still experiencing the same issue.

YouTube viewers are concerned that YouTube continues to subscribe to channels that they have not decided to subscribe to. They will discover that some surprising channels have appeared in their YouTube membership list.

In the final half of this piece, I explain why YouTube can be subscribing to random channels without your consent. Now I’ll teach you how to stop YouTube from subscribing to random channels.

Here are some techniques to disable auto-subscription on YouTube:

Verify Your Account’s Security:

To begin, you should constantly double-check your email and YouTube account security. To keep your account secure, you must ensure that it is password-protected at all times.

If your account security is weak, a hacker may gain access to it. As a result, you may lose access to and control over your YouTube account. When hackers get access to your account, they might take your personal information and subscribe to random channels on YouTube.

As a result, if you want to keep your account secure, you must employ rigorous security measures. To do so, you must update your account passwords and enable the two-step verification mechanism so that no one can easily compromise your account security.

To enable two-step verification, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Google account using a desktop or mobile browser.
  • Navigate to Control your Google Account.
  • Just on the left side of the settings menu panel, click the Security option.
  • If you have any security recommendations, these will show first.
  • Select Protect your account.
  • Click the Get Started button.
  • Sign in again to be sure it’s your account.
  • Select the available second security technique that you wish to use.
  • If you wish to use mobile number security authentication, click Add phone number.
  • To obtain a six-digit verification code, enter your phone number and click Send.
  • Enter the six-digit verification code you were given and press the Next button.
  • To activate two-factor authentication, select Turn On.

Your Google account will be ready for two-factor authentication once you’ve done all of the procedures above.


To summarise, if YouTube automatically subscribes you to odd channels, it is most certainly the activity of some nefarious extensions that have taken over your browser settings. Disable the troublesome extensions, then clear the browser cache to see whether the problem remains.

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