Will Smith and Chris Rock Slapping Incident

It was terrible that Will Smith and Chris Rock got into a fight at Friday night’s Academy Awards. Regarding this situation, we have spoken with ABC and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. We will do our best to see that this behaviour is correctly addressed.

After their Oscars slap, Jada Pinkett Smith hopes Will Smith and Chris Rock will “reconcile.” The alopecia-suffering actress has at last responded to her husband’s choice to slap Rock over a joke about her shaved head at the Academy Awards.

Will Smith’s startling slap of comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars has finally been addressed by Jada Pinkett Smith, who expressed her desire that “these two brilliant, talented guys have an opportunity to heal, hash this out, and reconcile.”

In the most recent episode of her Facebook Watch program Red Table Talk, Pinkett Smith used her husband’s outburst as an opportunity to raise awareness about alopecia areata, a condition that affects her and millions of other people.

In March, Smith struck Rock after the comic made the joke, “Jada, I love you. “GI Jane 2, can’t wait to watch that,” Pinkett Smith said in reference to her head being tightly shaved, like Demi Moore’s in the 1997 film.

Smith afterward apologized to Rock but was barred from the ceremony for ten years by the film academy. Smith later went back to his seat and received the best actor Oscar for King Richard.

Regarding Oscar night, Pinkett Smith expressed the following desire on Red Table Hash: “My greatest hope is that these two brilliant, talented guys get the opportunity to heal, talk things out, and reconcile.” We need them both, and we really need one another more than ever given the status of the world now.

In the meanwhile, Will and I will keep doing what we have been doing for the past 28 years: figuring out this thing called life together.

Thousands of people have reached out to me with their tales, the actor continued, “considering everything I’ve gone through with my own health and what occurred at the Oscars.” The mother of 12-year-old Rio Allred, who was ridiculed because of her baldness and committed suicide, as well as a doctor who described the many forms of the illness, were among her guests on the programme.

Nicole Ball, Rio’s mother, recalled the effects of the Oscar event, which happened less than two weeks after Rio’s passing.

What is the universe now doing? I can’t believe this,” Ball remembers thinking. People will be searching “what is alopecia” and “what is this thing we’ve never heard of” on Google. Not a joke, either.

A person’s perspective of self may be impacted by the condition, which is more common among Black women, and they may have to often deal with how people perceive their appearance, their hair, their ethnicity, and their culture. The National Alopecia Areata Foundation estimates that 6.8 million Americans, of any age, sex, or ethnicity, suffer from the illness, which has a wide range of symptoms.

“I believe that the fact that it comes and goes is the aspect that makes it most tough for me. You need to shave your head because you’re going through a spell, Pinkett Smith stated.

The day following the slap, Pinkett Smith posted on Instagram, “This is a season for healing and I’m here for it,” which was her sole brief response to the incident.

Kevin Hart discusses the Will Smith and Chris Rock slap incident at the Oscars, saying that Will Smith “is sorry and in a better position.”

Recall this year’s Oscars, when Will Smith punched Chris Rock? Now that he has spoken about the incident, Will is in a better place, according to his close friend Kevin Hart. Additionally, he declared his love for Chris and begged for a “chance.”

When Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars in 2022, he caused a stir. Even though the iconic event happened a few months ago, talk about it is still very much in the air. Kevin Hart, a close friend of the actor, recently spoke up about Will’s recovery from the slap issue.

Hart stated that Will is “apologetic” and in a “better space than what he was after” during the DC League of Super-Pets premiere. He also explained how people are fallible creatures that occasionally make mistakes. He said that he hoped they would find “solace” and get over it.

He remarked in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, “Will is sorry, and he’s obviously in a better place than he was hoping for. I can only hope that they manage to put it behind them and find some comfort in that. I just enjoy positive vibe. I enjoy witnessing individuals at their finest.”

He went on to say, “I still adore him and Chris, and you know, you can’t judge a guy only on the basis of one event. In the end, life moves on and individuals develop, so give him the chance.”

It’s interesting to note that throughout his stand-up routine on his current Reality Check Tour, Kevin Hat used the Will Smith and Chris Rock slapping incident as material for jokes.

Rock made a GI Jane 2 joke about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett having a shaved head at the March 27 live Oscars ceremony, which prompted Smith to storm the stage and smack Rock. Keep my wife’s name out of your f-king lips, he yelled afterward.

He collected the Best Actor Award for King Richard later that evening. He apologized to the academy and left; as a result, he is no longer eligible to vote but is still nominated for awards.

Will Smith has been prohibited from attending any Academy activities or programs in person or electronically for ten years as a result of the dispute.

Chris Rock reportedly isn’t letting the Will Smith slap controversy get in the way of his new Hollywood romance.

He supposedly isn’t being hindered by the Slap.

Since being slapped by Will Smith during the live broadcast of the 94th Academy Awards, Chris Rock has been the center of attention in Hollywood. Although Rock might be too preoccupied with his tour to worry about making amends with the Best Actor winner, it seems the veteran of Saturday Night Live has found time for other romantic engagements. Actress Lake Bell and Rock have reportedly been dating for a few months.

More than three months after the release of The Slap, people are still debating Will Smith’s decision to stand up for his wife Jada Pinkett Smith against Chris Rock’s joke. However, the Grown Ups star has mostly refrained from commenting on it (except, possibly, backstage with Dave Chappelle and Marlon Wayans, that is). An ET insider added that he has maintained his attention on himself and hasn’t allowed the Oscars controversy to deter him from seeking out a new relationship:

“If he wants to do something or go somewhere with someone, he will. [He] wasn’t going to let it affect how he lives his life.”

According to the insider, Chris Rock has been working hard to make his new relationship with the Harley Quinn actress work and is in a “very good mental place.” The couple, who have apparently been dating for a few months, was frequently spotted out together over the Fourth of July holiday. On July 1, they allegedly dined at the Santa Monica hotspot Giorgio Baldi before having a laid-back brunch at Coast. In June, Rock and Bell were spotted enjoying a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game. After seven years of marriage, Lake Bell and Scott Campbell called it quits in 2020. Her work has included TV shows like Boston Legal and Bless This Mess as well as films like It’s Complicated and No Strings Attached. After 20 years of marriage, Chris Rock and Malaak Compton-Rock divorced in 2016.

It’s encouraging to see Chris Rock not letting the March 27 events—which even “traumatized” some of his friends, including Wanda Sykes—hold him back. The Slap has remained a hot topic of discussion, largely due to the divisive reactions that Will Smith’s reaction sparked, as well as the events that followed, including the fact that Smith was permitted to remain in the audience and accept the 2022 Best Actor award for his performance in King Richard. Smith resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and was barred from attending any Academy-related activities for ten years in the days after the ceremony.

Jim Carrey stated he was “sickened” when the audience gave Smith a standing ovation for his prize after the outburst, and many other individuals have condemned Will Smith’s conduct. Others, though, have demonstrated greater sympathy for a husband defending his wife from an offensive remark. Mike Tyson, who has a history of fighting, was “not startled” by The Slap, while Terry Crews showed sympathy by drawing parallels between Smith’s behaviour and regrettable events in his own life.

It’s hoped that Lake Bell and Chris Rock can continue to keep the spotlight on themselves and their developing romance despite the likelihood that The Slap won’t soon stop being a topic of debate in popular culture. Check out our 2022 movie release schedule to find out what films will be in theatres shortly.

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