Will COVID-19 last forever even after vaccine?

It is a well-known fact from the WHO that the lockdown may end but this coronavirus will never end. It will be on the list of some of the endemic like HIV, Measles, and Chickenpox. According to experts, it is said that the virus will continue with us in the future also and due to this many of us life is in danger, so we all need to take some precautions and norms to be safe of this Noval coronavirus.

What should be done to live with it safely?

 It has been observed that this virus has a very low death % as compared to that of the other pandemic. The people with the higher age group or the people with some of the other problem with weak efficiency are the major part of the death % all across the world. This virus has an origin from the animal which has some virus which as eaten by the people enters inside the body and our body isn’t capable of holding such things and thus results in such pandemic. This is a big issue but still has some solutions to be aware of it and let yourself of not been part of it.

woman in face mask shopping in supermarket

This is some precautions that each one of must be following sincerely

1. Stay home –

This is important to be at home and be safe and must get out of your home if it is necessary so that you may help to break the chain of the virus.

2. Maintain a safe distance –

You must maintain a two-hand distance if you get out of your house so that you won’t become a carrier of this virus and thus can prevent you and your family out of it.

3. Wash your hands often –

You must a habit of washing your hands often a day and must apply a sanitizer on your hand to kill viruses and must clean your working place and pieces of equipment often.

4. Improve your immune system –

The best weapon to fight with COVID-19 is you must have a good immune system so that you can recover out of it.

5. Must have Aarogya Setu App in your device –

you must have this app in your device so that you may be updated if someone around you is a carrier of virus or not and this also has many useful benefitting the users.

6. If you feel sick then call the helpline –

Whenever you feel that this may be symptoms of the virus, you must have a test of it as soon as possible so that you will be given the medication to treat this virus.