Why Launching an On-demand Multi-services App Like Gojek Clone is Profitable Amid the COVID-19 Crisis?

The Coronavirus pandemic has made people realize the importance of technological advancements. People needn’t step out of their homes at any cost. All they have to do is a few taps on their smartphones, and they can enjoy doorstep services. On-demand apps are sprouting in abundance in the app market. Entrepreneurs are coming up with unique ideas to attract users and establish their business entity in this vastly expanding industry. With delivery services gaining increased popularity, online e-commerce marketplaces are also attracting new customers. The average time spent on smartphones before the lockdown was 150 minutes. After the outbreak, this time increased to 280 minutes.

On-demand apps that were acting as a substitute among users have earned the center-stage amid the COVID-19 lockdown. Now, people get affordable, reliable, and instant services through various platforms. What if a single online platform implements and provides all the services on the go? This novel idea has led to the creation of multi-services apps. Commonly known as the ‘Super Apps,’ apps like Gojek, WeChat are pioneers of this multi-services market. The market is so vast and wide open for entrepreneurs to capitalize upon. In this blog, let’s take a look at why developing an app like Gojek is a profitable business venture.

‘The market for multi-services apps is on a high’

Ever since its introduction, super apps have created a positive market hype. Let’s take a look at certain facts that states the same,

  • WeChat, a Chinese based multi-services platform, has 1 billion active users, i.e., two-thirds of the Chinese population in 2020.
  • Gojek, the most popular super app, is currently valued at $10 billion.
  • Grab, a Super app in Southeast Asia, has 2.8 million drivers offering multiple services like delivery, transportation, etc.
  • Alipay, a popular app from the Alibaba Group, witnesses 175 million transactions every day.
  • Gojek is currently ranked at the number 11 position in Fortune’s ‘Change the World’ index.

There is an exponential growth in the market for these apps. This is an ideal time for an entrepreneur to set foot into the market.

‘Multi-services apps are sought-after for various reasons’

  • One-stop-shop: People needn’t navigate across different apps to access different services. With an online multi-services platform, they can enjoy multiple services from one place. For example, they can book a cab, order a pizza, recharge their smartphones, all from a single app.
  • Less storage space: An average smartphone user has 100 apps on his/her smartphone. Inevitably, the phone tends to slow down, thereby annoying users. A multi-services app can accommodate more than 50 services, leading to increased productivity and less storage space in phones.
  • Reduced budget for entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs can significantly increase their chances of success with these on-demand multi-service platforms. In a confined budget, they can provide multiple services. Even if one service doesn’t get enough reception among users, there are several services to attract users towards the app.
  • Enhanced customer base: An on-demand app will target a specific set of audiences. It is those audiences who decide the success and failure of the app. However, in the case of a multi-services app, there is a scope for an enhanced target audience accessing the app. This way, the business grows its audience base in no time.
  • Opens up multiple jobs: The multi-services app business can open jobs for millions of freelancers who wish to earn income by offering their services during their free hours. With so many services like food, grocery delivery, ride-hailing, etc., the online platform provides employment to people from all walks of life.

‘Key features can propel your app among the masses’

Now that you are convinced to venture into the market, you need to be well aware of the features that make up a best-in-class Gojek Clone app.

  • Multi-lingual support: Users from different demographics will access your app. Hence, make sure you integrate a multi-lingual support system in your app. This way, users can choose the app language according to their preference.
  • Wallet Integration: Users find it challenging to enter their account details every time for making a payment. Hence, an in-app wallet feature can significantly benefit users during transactions.
  • Geo-fencing: This is an admin panel feature worth considering in your app. Admins can set geographical boundaries upto which their systems operate. A trigger is initiated whenever delivery professionals or drivers trespass the boundary. This dramatically aids in fleet management.
  • In-app chat/call facilities: For efficient functioning, there has to be a streamlined communication flow among different networks of the app. With the aid of this feature, users, delivery professionals, and service providers can contact each other for specific queries or instructions.
  • Call masking: The app can ensure the privacy of users with this call masking functionality. The real numbers of users are hidden during communication through the app. This way, user details are secured from data thefts.

‘The super app generates revenue via multiple sources’

Now, a business owner can reap revenues with a well-organized Gojek Clone app. The ways of revenue generation include,

  • Commission from service providers: The app acts as a virtual platform, connecting users with service providers. By doing so, service providers will enhance their business. As a result, the business owner is entitled to receive a part of every user payment as a paid commission.
  • Delivery charges: By offering doorstep deliveries, the app charges a certain amount as delivery charges. Online platforms generally hire delivery professionals on a monthly basis for a fixed salary. Hence, the amount collected directly reaches the entrepreneur’s pockets.
  • Subscription charges: You can provide a premium version of the app to users for a fixed amount. The users opting for this subscription enjoy exclusive benefits when compared to others. This adds to a source of revenue, as well.
  • Advertisements: You can join with popular enterprises in the market for advertising their entities in your app. This way, by advertising for a fixed timespan, you generate revenue. A popular app generates a significant amount of income through advertisements.

Summing up,

The COVID-19 crisis has made people incline towards on-demand apps. The market is booming ever since the lockdown. A Super app offering multiple services can significantly cater to the needs of the masses. Entrepreneurs needn’t have second thoughts about investing in a Gojek Clone app. Stand-apart features can increase the sustainability of the app. With so many ways of revenue generation, the multi-services app market is the next big thing in the modern era. Get in touch with an app development company and develop your app like Gojek today!