Why is Google Maps Slow?

Travelling and immigration have become very common and crucial parts of every individual, due to the great transportation facilities and infrastructure traveling has become very easier. These roads all over the world are so many that it is impossible to memorize, thus needed a platform that would help everyone to reach their destination very soon and easier. Google Maps is such a platform that guides everyone about their way towards the destination and thus saving time and efforts of many. This is said to be the most trusted guide by everyone, many individuals mostly depend on this to reach their destination.

What is Google Maps?

Google map so slow

Google Maps is a web mapping service developed and provided by Google about the geographical region and sites in this world. It also provides basic provisions such as satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, 3600 panoramic views of the street and places, real-time traffic conditions for traveling, this all propound things to make this service premier of all other data.

Google Maps operates on the Global Positioning System (GPS) location of your mobile device accompanying with cellular or wireless network to provide you with the finest services. The Supplemental services offer images of the moon, Mars, and the astronomers also which is distinct from others.

How does Google Maps work?

 This sort of doubt approach in many individuals mind that how google get this huge information and how does it maintain such tremendous information into a small system. Google maps take the help of the following partner which are as follows.

  • Map partners: Google has many associates that provide it with various data sources and from this data, Google tries to make a big server out of it.
  • Street View: This information is very much essential as the GPS navigates according to it and helps the user to respond from this.
  • Satellites: Through the help of Satellite, Google also provide satellite view to the user and has the Collude with the Google Earth.
  • Locations Services: Google always asks for the approval of the Location on your device and through this, they collect the data of your location and act accordingly.
  • Local Guides: With the help of millions of local guides, they can help to get information about many local places in a certain area. When you open my contribution you may get different information and pictures of that area and you have the option to according reviews about that particular place.

Why is Google Maps so slow and how can we speed it up?

There are many reasons and opinions about this mess but there are also many clarifications regarding this problem. Millions of users make this site very bulgy and thus lags sometimes; it has too many tasks to be displayed out and thus this slows down the operation of this system, but this is not that much major problem that can’t be fixed out. These are very common controversies that are seen over many sites and operations but Google can handle this problem in a very elementary manner.

Here are a few problems and remedies described according to your operating systems.

  • Android Operating System:

 Causation – Many users of Google map uses this system of operation, the delaying in this system is mostly due to the outdated version of your software in use.

 Countermeasure – Update your outdated version of Google Maps on ‘Play store’ or ‘my apps and games’, and if you have already updated then try to clear the App cache in-app setting.

  • IOS Operating System:

 Causation – The problems seen here are mostly due to insufficient memory in your device or may be due to an outdated version of the Google maps.

Countermeasure –First of all check the version if it is updated at the ‘Apple Store’ then check your device storage and clear the cache data of this app.

  • Browser:

 Causation – This might be due to your low internet speed, as the size of the website is too high and thus need a good bandwidth to get no lag out of it.

 Countermeasure –If you do not have the high-speed connectivity than use a lite version of Google maps which is available at www.google.com/maps/?force=lite, after you switch onto this you will speed up your Google maps and thus using this with no slow down issues.

Mostly it has been seen that the slowdown of Google Maps is due to low internet connectivity or may be due to the outdated version of the app, so it is recommended to be updated to enjoy the features of Maps without any slowdown issues.