Which part(s) of the brain, when impaired by alcohol, play an important role in memory?

Alcohol is that liquid which is consumed by approx. 40.8% of the world population, in which the majority of them are in the age group of 18 – 40 years which is said to be the crucial era of life. The data says that each year 2.8 million premature deaths are seen and these deaths are mainly due to addiction and road accidents. In India over 62.5 million people consume alcohol daily, and India has become the largest producer of alcohol. In the past 2 decades, only alcohol consumption has moved from 1 in 350 to 1 in 20 which are very scary figures for a cultural country like India. There are many rehab centers across the world, the most alleged alcohol and drug treatment facility in Asia is given by DARA Rehab.

Why are Youths drinking more today?

youth drinking alcohol

It has been seen that around 23% of youth with less than 18 years of age consume alcohol. There have been many reasons for the youths and their intoxication. One basic reason is that people are no more fighting for survival they just try to move out of the survival and thus try to find another sort of area for their better survival or passionate about something if that doesn’t happen than the need for pleasure and intoxication will naturally grow up in the society, this idea mostly comes from the society or family members or the parents, if the parents are influent than the child must not be influenced by it about the certain age limit.

We have such type of culture from the past that the King used to send their children to guru Kul where they used to study with the other children of different caste and tribe and they live very peacefully, this was done so the necessary enrolment and engagement of life have to happen before wealth comes into somebodies life otherwise wealth will become a burden and thus will never understand its influence in life, this is happening to this generation they are not ready to accept the real condition and thus involve in another sort of activities.

These days it has been seen that both the parents are working and thus they don’t have time for their children to guide them, they might provide them luxurious life but they forget to give their children the love and sacraments which they need to become a vice person in their life.

There are no physical activities done by today’s youth and thus they enjoy their life in intoxications, nowadays drugs are not only intoxicated but also make them vibrant for few hours and thus the mass number of youths have started their life in this way which is the way towards the intoxication of their health and future.

How to get rid out of this intoxication?

One thing we need to understand that there is no need for individuals to physically strive for survival and thus it increases life to be more complicated. The youths need to get involved in sports and other physical activities or with nature like tracking, mountaineering, climbing, swimming, art, music, etc. and must be passionate about these things and must learn about their emotions, their consciousness and must enjoy the pleasure of the mind, then there will be no need to consume intoxications into you.

In today’s scenario, these intoxications have been marketed well and are promoted by our film stars too which gives a negative message amongst the youth. If you want to drink something than drink water or juices as our body is 70% made up of water, not alcohol. This intoxication must be from inside which will help us to be happy in all phases of life and must be carried out by everyone to save our youth from consuming alcohol and drugs. It is today’s fact that we are consuming chemicals in every sort of period and if this isn’t put to an end then the next generation produced must be less than what we are and thus is a crime against humanity. We must wake up to this fact and approach towards what is needed in the right manner.

Hippocampus when impaired by alcohol, plays an important role in memory.

Due to the consumption of alcohol, the first effect is seen in the brain. The brain is said to be the most important organ of the living body and plays a vital role in controlling the whole functions of the body, so to be healthy we must take care of it. The factors associated with the effects on the brain may be due to stress, diet, lack of sleep, alcohol, drugs, etc.

Effects on the brain due to alcohol are:

  • Loss of coordination
  • Lowered inhabits, that leads to poor social judgments
  • Mood swings
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Vomiting
  • Diminished gray and white matters in the brain
  • Memory loss
  • Liver fibrosis
  • Irregular heath beat

And more on the list with no benefits out of it in drinking alcohol.

Effect of alcohol on Hippocampus:

Hippocampus is that part of the brain which helps in storing the memory. This array of parts is mainly responsible for your learning process which is needed in day to day life. If this part of the brain is affected then there are maximum chances of losing memory.

The consumption of this intoxicated liquid disrupts the hippocampus and thus there is a decrease in the electrical activity of neurons which binds the specialized protein which is present in the neuronal membrane. This decrease in its production of impulses results in short-term and long-term memories and thus may vary according to your consumption level of alcohol. If these cells do not regenerate in the hippocampus than it may lead to severe diseases like Alzheimer’s which is very difficult to treat.

Drinking Alcohol is just a way earlier towards death; it has no benefit out of it and thus has taken the lives of many individuals. In our society drinking alcohol has become a trend and thus also taking the youth into it. Addiction is nothing but a state of mind which we have by ourselves and thus getting out of it is not a big issue. So every individual must think and end this chain of alcoholism so that it doesn’t ruin our upcoming generations.