What’s the true meaning of love?

Love is that part in our life which each of us had to feel in their life, but as time is moving on people are changing the true meaning of love and are thinking that love is that their so-called attachment. This isn’t true, as there is a well-known fact that where there is attachment, love cannot be there. The real meaning of love is still unknown to all as they think that love is seen in someone but love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, not anything to see upon. Love can be towards anyone it is not only to your partner, but it also can for your parents, relatives, nation, teacher, or anyone, you just not to love someone, you need to become love then you may get to know the nature of love and its beauty.

affection afterglow

Why love always hurts?

If you love someone that might happen a lot of time and each time you end up with hurting yourself, this happens due to the expectation that we have towards them, no one in this world will be able to fulfill the expectations that we have from them because humans are like this only. This is an ideal condition that you are waiting for that someone who will come and will fulfill all their needs, it simply not happening as this is something impossible that you are looking for in this world.

How to make love happen?

Love doesn’t happen simply you have to make some efforts out for it to happen, just you need to be attractive first in certain ways like dressing well, your body posture, your way of speaking and so on, and just try to make love happen by making some necessary condition into you.  Love is not due to someone’s quality such as somebody’s nose, their mind, their thoughts, or anything that attracts you to them and you misunderstand this with love.

How do you feel the love?

Love is not always been in a relationship, the relationship is a different phenomenon, love is a certain sweetness in your emotions, this feeling must be there always we must look at everyone very lovingly, this is lagging in just because we cannot develop such emotion in us and does not change the way of looking over the things around us. If your emotions become pleasant then it is the love that makes you look that way you haven’t seen before yet.

Love is another dimension which is said to be in its pure form, which has its own emotions and feeling without any expectations or selfishness, so before loving someone you must love yourself to feel the experience and the emotions out of it and feel it around you and all the things will be pleasant to you. It is the real fact that the birth of love is from compassion and the birth of attraction is from ego, love will give you the freedom and on the other side, the attachment will detain onto you. These misconceptions about love need to be given out of each and everyone’s mind so that couples do not start a relation on attachment and then they end up unloving each other.