What make youths to commit suicide?

In India, 18600 students below the age of 18 years of age had committed suicide and out of this 7400 of students belong to the age group below 15, if this amount of small students are depressed and are ending up their life in this way, that makes up to think that something is wrong within the system itself. This is their age to learn new things see the world but they thought of ending up like this and the main culprit is our education system which has put the burden on each of us so much that many of us fail to get out of it and thus results in an increase in suicidal cases.

What’s wrong with our education system?

The education system helps to explore new ideas and learn new things which may increase our knowledge and has great interesting facts in it, but we choose something that will provide more money out of even if you are not interested, will still do it to prove0 better than the others. All it is seems that we invest our life in such a system in which we will get nothing out of it and thus end up with no hopes left. You just need to invest your life in such things which will give you the happiness even after when you see back in your life and must not think of the others and their opinion, must do what you want or not what others want out of you. One thing must be kept in mind that education is not only about learning it is about the right use of the learning, as all of our education is in a small system itself which we call them machines and we must know to make the best use of them from your knowledge not from learning something. If you want to be excellent from this world then you must have that understanding within you that which ball you want to hit and which you want to let it go. Any task done by you of any type must be done by full efforts and must enjoy doing that so that you can give your best out of it.

How should you get out of this sort of thought?

Sometimes in each one of our life, a point comes in which we think that no one is there to understand and feels that you are challenged by this world or left alone by all then definitely there will be thought of ending up yourself. All you need to do is that you must do each of your work very consciously in your life and must end up all of the thoughts that have surrounded you which are definitely of no use, they are just wasting your time and energy into it like this all our unconscious thoughts you have generated in your mind. The only problem in our life is our mind that we sometimes are not capable of handling and we mess up and stared a depressive mode. You must think that you have not created this life so you have no right of ending it by yourself; you must become so capable among yourself so that you must not get depressed about any situation that is coming onto your way and must find to get rid of it happily.