What is Success?

Success is that part of our life for which each of us thinks that to be part of our life so that we can gain some popularity and respect in our society. Most of us do hard work to be successful in their life but still end with giving up. Hard work can be the key to our success but we must know that it is not the right path that what we are waking on, we all work hard but still some of us could get it as of there right path to approach that.


The one thinks that we must all know that there are two ways to approach the goal of your life, either it can be that you want to do or it may be just a thought that you have put up in your mind and just following it thinking that it is part of your way towards success. You must rather focus on your aptitude i.e. natural ability or skill that is within you not around you. Many of us are thinking in that direction if they do that will they get a proper life, money in future, this the wrong path that you have chosen to be successful because after this you may have everything but nothing in your life.

The things you have to do when you are not getting the right answers towards your successful, you must take off for few days from all the concerns may be from your professor, parents, surrounding, you just have to spend some time with yourself without any pressure or any tensions and must ask a simple question to yourself that “ Who are you”, are you living a precious life, then what must you do to invest this life into so that when you look back you must not feel guilty of what you have done or what must be done by you so this is the right time to ask yourself this few things of that matters you the most and also you must not be thinking of getting paid out of it or not, one thing to be kept in mind that, if your heart is not in something, you can’t give your best out of it. Everything you do is to be done heart fully without any thought of getting out of it, all I want to say is that you must do your Karm with full devotion and without any selfishness.

If you do not do so you may be living your life but can’t be signed out of it, so you must be devoted to whatever you are doing so that all my needs are fulfilled when you look back in your life, so without thinking of what other will think about you think in that way that you should not be ashamed of what you have done. This thinking we all must have, if we give this pride and freedom, “you may have everything, but you may have nothing”.