What Does KTFO Mean on Facebook?

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In-text, what does KTFO stand for?



KTFO Knocked the Flip Out

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KTFO is just a much more vulgarised variant of the simpler phrase “knocked out.” That F-word just magnifies and amplifies it.

The term KTFO is frequently used to define the physical impact that a person may feel as a result of being punched, kicked, bodychecked, struck, or beaten in any other significant way by another person, an item, or an event. Whenever anyone identifies oneself or the other people as KTFO, they are implying that they and the other people have been knocked unconscious or physically injured.

People’s Attitudes Toward KTFO:

Because sports are so physically demanding, KTFO is frequently used to describe the status of athletes or physically active persons following impact (and sometimes risky). On the other hand, KTFO may be used to describe the unconscious condition that a person may enter as a result of various situations such as lack of sleep or disease.

Example of KTFO in Use:

Example 1

“Hey, did you watch the conclusion of the game last night?” says Friend #1.

“Yeah got there just in time watching Johnson being KTFO by that shoulder barge from Bernie!!!” says Friend #2.

In the first example, Friend #2 utilizes KTFO to characterize the physical health of a shoulder barge athlete.

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