What are the scariest facts to be known about COVID – 19 crises?

COVID – 19 is such a phase in our life that each one must be remembering it until the end of time. This situation is such which has never been seen or happened in the past many years and has influenced many people and their families. Corona Virus has scared all of us to that extent that we don’t even feel like stepping out of the house as this makes us think of way towards the end of this life & this is the real fact, but still, most of the fools in our societies haven’t taken it seriously and also may turn out into the carrier of this virus and affecting them as well as the others, this is the only reason why India has position itself in top leading countries affected by COVID – 19.


Here are a few scariest facts that each one must know before been a carrier of this Virus.

  1. The cost of COVID-19 treatment.

     Most of us think that many people are recovering through this so there is no need to be scared of this virus, but this is not true they had recovered due to their immune system which might be not within you and can lead you to lose your life out of it. As the cases are increasing day by day and soon a time will there when you have to do your treatment in a private hospital as there will be no bed available in any of the government, this is not to scare you but a real fact considering the today’s scenario of COVID-19 affected list.

The cost of this treatment might shock you as it might vary minimum from Rs.4 – 5 lakh and still there will be only a few chances of been recovered out of it. From a few types of research and facts, we get the following information about the expenses of Private Hospitals –

  1. It might cost Rs.20,000 – 25,000 per day for normal COVID-19 patients, which means about Rs.3 – 4 lakh for a minimum of 15 days of treatment.
  2. As there is no such treatment so the treatment might vary from a few days to a couple of months so the weightage of the bill also varies.
  3. Room rent varies from Rs.1500 – 5000 / day and for ICU Ward might vary as per the Hospital charges (Rs.8000 – 20000).
  4. The cost of the COVID-19 test is about Rs.4500 and you have to go through a minimum of 4 – 5 tests.

From the above key points you might get to know the consequences of this virus and how much will it let you pay if you come in contact with it.

  1. Rising of the number of deaths out of it.

 The death number in the world turns to 4,23,844 and 8,502 in India which are scary figures for each one of us and this hasn’t stopped and is increasing at more rate from the previous data. In the month from March to May, the death rate was in control, but from now it is increasing its rate. Firstly only the old age group above 65 recorded their death from it, but now there is something change from this previous data and thus takes up to the risk to many suffering from it.

The scariest thing will be in the upcoming time as the hospitals will be running out of bed, Oxygen, Ventilators, etc. which are the basic need to treat out of this illness but due to an increasing number of cases soon this situation will be seen in most part of the world. The only solution out of this is COVID-19 Vaccine which still has a big question mark on it.


  1. Increase in the Unemployment Rate.

 Due to this pandemic, many individuals have lost their jobs. In the USA this unemployment rate increases to 13.3%, as this developed country is facing such a situation what will happen in tomorrow’s scenario in a developing country is still a big issue raise for the government to look upon. Many graduated students this year have lost their jobs with a letter in their hand, this has become a big issue as many of them have to pay their loan premium and lost their jobs due to this pandemic.

 Many laborers, vendors have to leave the metro cities and move on to their villages as they were unpaid and do not get the proper meal at a time and thus it was seen that many labors were walking on the roads to move to their villages and this makes each of us think of their problem and help them in any way we can.