What are Startup Press Kit Examples?

Do you really want the public to help you promote your business? Are you looking for some Startup Press Kit Examples? You can help by making it easier to access. Journalists won’t write about something they don’t understand, so make it easy for them to locate the most relevant facts about your business. Your press page is crucial to effectively advertise your business. You may accomplish this by looking at samples of startup press kits. An online press kit compiles all of your key information in one place, making it simple for journalists to investigate you, therefore it should be a top focus when creating a website.

When your chosen organization appears in a press piece, it is not only free advertising but also free promotion. The more well-known the newspaper that covers you, the greater your visibility. This translates to a lot of page visits and clicks, as well as new prospective clients.

What is a press kit? What does a press kit consist of?

All of these terms refer to the same thing: a press kit, press page, or media kit. A media kit is a specific page or part of your website that provides reporters with useful information. Its major goal is to get them acquainted with you and your company as fast as possible. Reporters can use photos, videos, and other marketing materials from the top kits in their articles.

Remember that all those who read the kit are constantly pressed for time. Your startup press kit should be little more than a double-sided information sheet with contact numbers and the most important data about your goods or activities. Create it as a call to action for all of your prospective customers. It is critical to select the appropriate channel for sharing this kit. It’s possible that simply putting it on your website as a PDF isn’t enough. Use it in your own public relations efforts, such as press conferences, email campaigns, and meetings.

Professional PR and communication firms are no longer the exclusive recipients of press kits. It is used by effective managers as a comprehensive, typically digital business card. Your well-crafted PR kit could lead to you being published in a well-known publication. The majority of individuals who trust that publication will be interested in what they have to say. Furthermore, you may subsequently include the publication’s emblem into your website, enhancing your reputation.

Following are the best Startup Press Kit Examples:

The examples of media kits that follow are both useful and efficient. Consider how they’re constructed, then combine the greatest elements of each to create your own.

  1. Unitel Voice:

Unitel Voice’s press kit is amazing in its simplicity. They state their terms clearly from the start. This example demonstrates how to refer to the firm in your writing. Then they provide various sorts of resources, ranging from raw data to pictures and logo files, all of which are easily accessible.

  1. NewsBTC:

The press kit sample from NewsBTC (June 2018 edition) is practical and clear. It demonstrates the sorts of advertising in which the firm want to participate. There is also a pricing list depending on the one you pick.

  1. Airbnb – short and clear:

Airbnb is a very well firm with innovative marketing strategies. They provide their press kit as a “Fast Facts” page with only a few numbers, such as 4.5 million listings, 81 thousand cities, 191 countries, and 300 million visitor arrivals. These numbers, on the other hand, are stunning and simple to utilize.

  1. AWeber– diversified startup press kit example:

Because of its diverse content, AWeber’s digital press kit may be utilized in a number of ways. Separate files are available for media goods and text-printed items, such as information manuals.

  1. Uber Press Kit:

Because Uber attracts a lot of media attention, it requires a well-designed online press kit. Uber, on the other hand, prefers to keep things simple by providing only the most essential facts about the firm.

Why Do You Need a Press Kit?

Journalists are frequently juggling numerous stories and working under time constraints. You’ll have a far greater chance of getting free publicity if you make it simple for people to find information about you, grab a logo or photo, and run with a story.

It’s all too easy to overlook possibilities. If you make it too tough for the writer, they may choose to emphasize your rival instead. Prepare your press kit ahead of time so you can seize chances when they arise.

An electronic press kit (EPK) is beneficial to SEO since it makes it simple for others to connect to your website. You may also receive blog and social media mentions. Your sales and marketing teams will benefit from having easy access to your digital brand assets, and you’ll have internal papers to share with potential investors and clients.

Having an EPK in place also gives your startup a more professional appearance by providing a strong brand identity with a clear message. To make your own, use the real-life press kit page samples provided below.

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