Video that Makes You High

The phrase I’m using is something that’s been observed by others, but I believe I’ve just given it a name. Sounds, especially musical, can stimulate sensory nerves and cause a tingling or shuddering feeling. It’s incredible. I have no idea what that is. So let us get some video that makes you high.

It was a totally wonderful experience; I particularly liked watching the pictures and sounds flicker across the screen while I sat in the dark. I had arrived at the last room, where videos did not seem to operate and was a bit disappointed that they did not seem to work on me. I wanted to experience ASMR through memory, so I stood in front of a film of a hand going over hair for a long time to see if I could trigger it.

How does it feel to be high?

There’s no hiding the actual hue of folks who use cannabis anymore. Would you like to know more about the science of getting high on marijuana? Here you go. An extremely diverse array of customers expresses how they feel while they are high.

Many persons cannot properly describe the many characteristics of a heroin high, which means they are likely to desire to try it and thus open themselves up to addiction. Someone who begins using prescription medications may also end up using heroin.

In one word: catastrophic. Many users find that heroin produces an ecstatic high.

In the case of heroin addiction, it begins as a pleasurable high, and with time it transitions into a strong addiction. A time in the life of an addict when the first rush of exhilaration and illusory well-being occurs is the beginning of the addiction. A sense of discomfort and dread are eased. This product is valuable for those suffering from depression or mental anguish. For many users, heroin isn’t about finding pleasure or joy; it’s about using it to self-medicate.

When heroin connects to opioid receptors in the brain, it creates a “heroin high,” which is characterized by feelings of euphoria. These emotional, mental, and physical alterations are all caused by this traumatic event.

Most people who have their first exposure to heroin will have a favorable experience. However, some individuals may not.

Due to the great feeling of pleasure that is caused by heroin, people with addiction disorders or depression are still driven to use it, even when it does not provide benefits to them or if they are feeling depressed.

Whether it’s clear to the casual observer or not, heroin highs can produce feelings of security, warmth, and well-being.

The dire effects of being too high

Video which makes you high

People who don’t use marijuana should not believe its reality, since this is when things can become real. There are numerous horror stories from persons who took far too many drugs or had a horrible trip.

To determine if you have sensitivity to opioids, or if you simply don’t have a tolerance for high levels of happiness, it is difficult.

You’ll notice that no matter how high you get, each high is unique. To some, experiencing extreme happiness will need lying in bed for a few days. Others can feel empty or nervous. Such experiences could serve as an educational guide, warning people to avoid substance usage in the future.

While there are various potential physical dangers, some are quite well known, including:

  • Hypertension

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Fast, irregular heartbeat

Indirect psychological repercussions such as feelings of shame, disappointment, and fear

  • Anxiety

  • Confusion

  • Delusions

  • Hallucinations

  • Panic

  • Paranoia

  • Psychosis

The video that makes you high

1. Trippy Compilation Of Cartoons — LoFi Music

2. Midnight Television

3. Mandelbulb 3D — The Depths of Europa

4. Get High (No Drugs)

5. This Video Will Get You High Without Drugs

6. This Will Get You High

7. The Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be

8. Blockhead, “The Music Scene”

9. Drake, “Energy”

10. Air, “Sing Sang Sung”


When it comes to marijuana, everyone’s reaction is different. You must be patient and strive to locate the perfect things for you. The first step in cooking with cannabis is to start with a small amount. For example, the typical dose for a joint is one toke and 2 mg of THC in edibles. In this next step, try out various cannabis concentrations, strains, and delivery methods to discover your ideal dosage. Know your own sensitivity, and you will be able to get your hands on the cannabis world.

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