USA Election Poll Update 2020 | Trump Vs Biden

In democratic countries like the USA, India, etc. election play a vital role in deciding the decision making body for that particular country as this helps the public of that country to choose a wise person as the leader of their country. US citizens are all set for its 59th quadrennial election which is to be scheduled on 3rd November 2020 and thus soon the new President for the USA will be elected to take over their country in the right way and a better future for their citizens. The election results from America will also have a global Impact and mostly on countries like China, Pakistan, etc.

The election In America will be held between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The election symbol for the Republican Party is Elephant as they help to stop the Gee war and thus decided Elephant as the symbol to promote their party, whereas the Democratic Party was called donkey’s and thus decided donkey as to be their symbol to promote their party for the election purpose. The color for the Republican Party is red and that of the Democratic Party is Blue. This year representative from the Republican Party is Donald Trump and that of the Democratic Party is Joe Biden.

History & difference between the Republican Party and Democratic Party

The very famous leader of the Republican Party is Abraham Lincoln who was elected as the 16th US president from 1861 to 1865. The Democratic Party had a leader like Barack Obama who served the United States as the 44th president from the year 20079 to 2017.

  • It has been observed that Republican Party is mostly in the favor of rich people and the Democratic Party is in favor of the middle class, but this theory isn’t that true but has some examples which led them to conclude such statements about these two parties.
  • The Republican Party mostly support Yahudis as these people are rich enough and thus helps the party in funding, they also started supporting the Indian and Christian people to get a good vote bank from them. The Democratic Party mostly supports the Christians, Muslims,s, and black people.
  • Republican Party had reduced the Tax percentage and increased the allowance for the needy people as this helps both the rich as well as the middle class, but on the other side, Democratic Party is totally different as they take a high rate of tax and also reduces the allowance which is a dark point seen for this party.
  • Republican Party does not take any crucial decision on environmental pollution, but the Democratic Party had set many norms to decrease the pollution to get fresh air for its citizens.

Who will be more beneficial for India after Election?

Trump Vs Biden

It has been observed for quite a long time that the Indians were mostly in favor of the Democratic Party, but due to the Corona crisis and Warfare with China, the American Indian’s are mostly to Support the Republican Party this time. Donald Trump sir is mostly to favor Indian and also had supported India as possible, but Joe sir is mostly in favor of Pakistan. In the government of Trump, sir weapons were delivered to India at a huge rate and also fulfilled mostly all the demands made by the Indian Government.

The Trump government has also supported the Indian Government on International platforms and also had singed many deals with them, for example with the help of them India becomes a member of MTCR and singed deals like LEMOA, COMCASA, BECA, etc. and also tried to make India a member of NSG but was unable to do as the Chinese government wasn’t in the favor of the Indian.

The Trump Government is fully Anti-China as they increase the tax on the goods brought by china and thus helped Indian’s to increase their business into the US, whereas the Joe sir government is fully in favor of the Chinese, this is because Hunter the son of Joe Biden had invested 1.5 Billion$ into China in 2013 and in the year 2017 Chinses Company decided to declare Hunter as Sine Cure which means that you don’t have to do any effort to get the profit out of your investment. It is good for the Indian Government if the Trump government comes into action as they will continue the trade war with China and thus will totally be beneficial for the Indians to get a position in the American market.

What does the American poll say about the election result?

Sir Donald Trump is mostly in the favor of Indians and hence also organized a great event for the Prime Minister of India and is known as ‘Howdy Modi’ and also visited India For the Inauguration of the world biggest Cricket Stadium in Ahmedabad and that event was named as ‘Namaste Trump’. Sir Joe Biden decided to take Black Africans into their favor and hence nominated Kamala Harin as the Vice-President. Trump’s government helped Israel to be a democratic country and thus the Yahudis are fully in favor of Trump, whereas the Joe government has supported Muslim people a lot and also decided to help them in the future. The White people are in favor of Trump sir and thus blacks are in favor of Biden sir, Black people are very upset by the incidence that happened a few months ago and hence no more want sir Trump as their leader. The Trump government was unable to stop the growth of Corona Virus and thus more than one lakh people died of this, the economy of America also decreased and the trump government was unable to take over this situation. This had set a negative image of sir Trump for its citizen also thus can affect the election result for Trump’s government.

As per the American Media, the poll says that Trump will get a voting percentage up to 46 and that of Biden is 54. The election results are very unpredictable and hence drawing some conclusion out of it isn’t good. Hope the citizens Of the US get a good President for their better future and development.