Understanding Corporate Photoshoots

If you are new to this and have been thinking that there is only a single type of corporate photoshoot then this is gonna help you understand the types of corporate photoshoots in detail. And if you are looking to hire corporate photoshoot Singapore then this will guide you on how to get the various types of services from them.

Through this, you would have enough knowledge to understand the differences between the types of corporate photoshoots and how you can save up your time and money.

Indoor corporate photography:

It can be considered as one of the difficult tasks because it is hard to capture the moments in a camera that look normal when people are actually busy with their scheduled work. Indoor lighting can also be considered a kind of hurdle corporate photographers have to handle because the lighting is new to them and they take time to adjust their equipment as per the environment. You should understand your office environment before hiring any agency because there can be two case scenarios:

The first one is that if your office is well illuminated that means the light entering through the glasses (windows) is more than enough then you do not need flashlights and these natural lights can be utilized in a good manner. You should turn off office lights and utilize these natural lights and make sure that the person is fully focused by that light. You should also be aware that your photographer does not produce noisy pictures and the end result is crisp. Overexposed and underexposed should also be looked after.

The second case can be that your office has little to no lightning or the light entering the office is not falling straight on the subject but behind. If you want outside scenery to be captured but the light outside is brighter than the light falling on the subject then you have to use flash. There can be several ways to illuminate the environment, there are hefty products such as professional lightning gears or simple softboxes that can be utilized to achieve the best moments right before capturing.

Outdoor corporate photography:

Outdoor photoshoot

This can not be any different than the regular ones. You can always take advantage of natural lighting. Natural light can always be used without having to use flash and maybe some reflectors are required to get rid of shadows. In order to highlight the subject, an off-camera flash can also be used during the day and it can add a nice effect to the images.

The other thing that can be done is that your agency can choose an area with less lightning (shady) and can set it up as per requirements the way they would set up a studio in most cases the light required is lesser and a single tool can get the work done. But beware about the results because it generally can be overexposed or underexposed.

Group photography:

If you require group photos which are actually quite difficult for photographers to capture since they need better lights. It depends upon the group of people, if you want three to two people to be photographed then you might get better exposure with a little number of tools such as a softbox or maybe an umbrella and also the fact that they are standing closer to each other and the background is big enough.

And if the number of people in a group is more than four then the requirement for lightning will increase and in order to achieve best results you should always consider outdoor shooting in a shady area because you will be less worried about underexposure and all required is that the group is standing evenly and making them all look good, if your agency is professional they would crack a joke to capture the natural smiley faces and not the conventional method of saying “cheese”. Your agency should also make sure that they take pictures in bursts because in case of someone blinks then they can not consider that particular capture and look for the best from the burst.