Top 5 Bollywood Horror Movies That You Never Watch Alone

If we talk about the Bollywood film industry then it is very big and great. And in this industry, the secret of action and funny movies is going on but today we will present the Bollywood Horror Movies though Bollywood is famous for commercial cinema and masala features. But, the Bollywood film industry has given us many gems over the years in a variety of styles. While horror film doesn’t make for the most suitable style of Bollywood, it does have a few movies that can keep you alert for nights and request your faith in spirits and curses. These movies go away the typically funny clothes, notes of creaking doors, loud jump scares, or bad looking characters. Some movies have withdrawn these tropes and have rather given us some very exciting and scary stuff. Here are some such Hindi horror movies that are good.

1. Kaal

 A very scary movie of its time, which produced fear in the soul of the viewing spectator. Kaal is not just a model, it’s a Karan Johar-Shah Rukh Khan produced a model with an organization cast of Ajay Devgn, John Abraham, Vivek Oberoi, Lara Dutta, and Esha Deol. And unlike its marketing, it has less to do among tigers and more to do with emotions. We recommend seeing the film for one thing — Vivek Oberoi’s OTT reactions particularly when characters out who the spirit is. But the film is so funny and forgettable, the only thing one might get is SRK and Malaika Arora Khan’s particular product.

2. Stree

Rarely do we see a lady approached with respect, and rarely do we see women as great positive attitudes? Stree (2018) was iconic for treating a delicate issue in a funny but regarding light, but even then we see a female vengeful spirit who only sought respect and love but was used as a stupid and weak woman who was saved by a man, and a strong woman who developed confidence and knowledge and proved herself to be more creative than the male protagonists but eventually turned out to be a power-hungry sorceress in an admittedly vague open-ended change. In Bollywood, you absolutely cannot win with female representation – they’re either cursed or damaging.

3. Bandh Darwaza

This is a very scary movie, which will give your soul tremble. And the story of this movie is like this, Meet Neola, a monster who sleeps in a coffin by day and turns into a bat at night. (yes, he is called Neola!) Meet Kamya, a young girl who becomes the monster’s sex laborer. However, is that all that appears after a bandh Darwaza? Watch this very pulpy movie to find out. And this movie comes to the number of 3rd list of Bollywood Horror Movies.

4. Junoon

Junoon, the best movies its time who included a list of horror films in 1993, cursed kings, enchanted daggers, individual changing into animals on the full moon, and, wait to it, Rahul Roy as a man-eating tigress.  If that doesn’t interest you, try watching this view where Rahul Roy’s working skin and pouring fangs look like a bad science experiment. Have fun!

5. Veerana

No list of Hindi horror movies can be complete without Ramsay Brothers, the images of famous Bollywood Hindi horror films. Their 1988 movie Veerana was once such an example, the plot of which can’t exactly be described. In this film, there is a witch whom the villagers kill and are secured in a coffin, then one of the magicians frees her out of the coffin and then frees and then the real celebration begins.

Seriously conversing among friends, you must watch this film once. After watching this movie, your soul will tremble and this film comes at number 1st according to our list (Bollywood Horror Movies)