Tipsy Elves Offers New Ways to Shop for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the one holiday on that we all get the opportunity to don costumes and have fun. Some folks like to go with dark and spooky while others like cute and whimsical but as the holiday gets closer and closer, it can be rather difficult to find the right one.

Unfortunately, the seasonal Halloween stores and online venues pretty much all have the same offerings and as such, there’s always a pretty good chance that you’ll run into someone wearing the exact same thing. Even if you do find a unique one that you love, a lot of the time the vendor only offers a limited size range of small/medium/large and if you’re lucky, XL. Even worse, there are those that only offer ‘one size fits most and of course, we all know that that’s almost always an outright lie.

Shipping can be a crapshoot and many of them even have “no returns” policies.

In short, costume shopping at those places can be a bit frustrating and quite mundane.

That’s not true over at Tipsy Elves!

They make it extremely easy to find unique costumes and this year, they’ve added a TON of new offerings. With hundreds of great costumes, not only will you find something that no one else at the party will be wearing, you don’t have to worry about quality because they only source the best materials.

Unlike so many one-and-done costumes out there these days, you can wear your Tipsy Elves costume again and again and whether you wear XS or 3XL, almost every costume they have is available in your size. Furthermore, they offer shipping as fast as 1-day and their customer service team always strives to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

See what we mean?

And if you’re looking for matching costumes for couples, they have an innovative way to help you find what you’re looking for. Instead of shopping separately and hoping you both find complimenting costumes like you have to do at most websites and Halloween stores, they’ve made it so you can shop together.

The couple-specific costumes are grouped together and instead of just showing a standard photo of the costume by itself, you can see exactly how they look when worn and paired together. And since you’re buying two costumes, you’ll get free standard shipping but if you need it faster, Tipsy Elves offers 1-day shipping as well.

They make it fun and easy to stand out this Halloween and since they’ve added so many new ones this year, you have GOT to check out Tipsy Elves new Halloween costumes.

There are hundreds of costumes to choose from and while we can’t feature all of them, we wanted to share a few of our favorites.

costumes for couples

Stay away from bug zappers and make sure there’s not a giant fly swatter around because these matching fly costumes may bug a few guests. This is just one of the great costumes for couples and if you’re looking to match up this year, you should definitely visit the elves.


Whether it was Power Rangers, Batman, or Wonder Woman, virtually everyone dreamed of being a superhero at least once or twice as a child. With the Pink Power Hero or Wonder Girl costumes, ladies can recapture a little of those days of pretend.

While this inflatable Dinosaur Skeleton is in the men’s costume section, it’s perfect for anyone wanting to have a unique costume this year.

Those are just four out of hundreds of fun costumes and whether you’re single or a couple, Tipsy Elves makes it easy to find the perfect costume for Halloween. Don’t spend hours upon hours scouring the seasonal Halloween stores or settle for inferior quality from other sites, get your costumes at Tipsy Elves and there’ll be no regrets.