The Top 10 Websites to Study Video Editing

It might be difficult to learn how to edit videos. There are numerous applications that you can handle in your workflow, and they are updated frequently just like cameras and other production/post-production tools. You can enhance your mind and improve your skill once you have a strong basis in the programs you have to use. We will review a few excellent websites in this article where you may learn video editing. You may find a lot of useful lessons and tools on the sites below, covering the most popular products to the most sought-after production techniques. However, they all require some good internet connection to work these websites smoothly and you can find this in one of the best with Xfinity, featuring great internet speed, and better customer service that will never let you down no matter what. Read ahead and get started on editing, up to your skill, and move into being paid for your skills.

1. Surfaced Studio

An amazing place to find VFX tutorials and filmmaking info is Surfaced Studio. You can learn how to make exciting animations, one-of-a-kind effects, and many other interesting edits for your videos by using the multiple tutorials for After Effects available online. The tutorials page allows you to sort by level and category and learn about visual effects and more.

2. Red Giant Tutorials

Software for visual effects and filmmaking is produced by Red Giant. The Trapcode Suite, Magic Bullet Suite, and Keying Suite are a few of their best-selling items. These are used for chroma keying/compositing, photo editing, and film finishing, as well as motion graphics and special effects. You may find hundreds of tutorials, behind-the-scenes videos, and category-specific lessons/techniques on the Red Giant Tutorials blog.

3. Wistia Blog

Businesses can host videos thanks to Wistia. They have a great blog where they offer ideas and suggestions for the business side of producing videos. Their articles advise on shooting stuff, editing it with tools like Premiere Pro and After Effects, and creating videos for commercial use (Real Estate, Food, etc.). This blog can be a useful resource for you if you create videos for organizations and businesses of all kinds.

4. Video Copilot

At the age of 20, Andrew Kramer founded Video Copilot while working as a freelancer. A small collection of After Effects tutorials that rapidly developed into a sizable library of plug-ins, tools, and tutorials that are extensively utilized by the visual effects community. Any level of video editor will enjoy and be able to follow Andrew’s tutorials. If you want to master more complicated abilities, you can browse for advanced lessons, or you can start with the basics to gain your bearings.

5. Skillshare

The website Skillshare helps learn new skills with video lectures and courses. They have a huge library of video editing tutorials with more than 1500 different classes! Additionally, you may find more than 100 free video editing courses to get you started. Collect a FREE 2-month subscription to Skillshare Premium.

6. Philip Bloom

World-famous director Philip Bloom blogs about his knowledge and experiences. His writings provide insight from an experienced director who has worked in both big and little films. Numerous articles about the top video cameras, editing software, and post-production techniques may be found online, along with special discounts.

7. Larry Jordan

For anyone interested in video editing and other expertise that covers the overall filmmaking process, Larry Jordan’s website is an amazing site. On his blog, he offers more than 1690 gratis video editing courses! You may find out more about Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and many other famous apps. The troubleshooting of common (and rare) issues with these apps is covered in detail in many of Larry’s particular articles.

8. Noam Kroll

The director Noam Kroll, who is located in Los Angeles, writes about movies on his website. Exciting posts about cinematography, directing, producing, editing, contrast adjustment, and other topics may be found on Noam’s blog. Additionally, you can find tips for beginner editors and filmmakers.

9. Com is a community-driven website that provides info about post-production and video editing. New lessons, articles, roundups, and tools from producers and filmmakers are keeping up with these changes to the website. On the topic of filmmaking’s post-production phase, keep up with current affairs and find out what’s new.

10. Jonny Elwyn

In London, United Kingdom, Jonny Elwyn works as a freelance film editor. For those who are keen to study video editing, his website also offers a variety of free information and material. On Jonny’s website, you can get a hell of a lot more information about Davinci Resolve and Speedgrade in addition to some great roundups of freebies.

 Ending Note

So, these are the top sites you can study video editing on, and get a better grasp of it or learn it from scratch.