The Right way to drink water

Water is known to be the basic need of every living being on earth. The earth contains most of its part as water, which helps to complete the natural balance of the system. We must know the science of water, as the water is capable of holding memories and intelligence, this is due to reason because water behaves the same way as that of our brain and have the capability to store memory. Many pieces of research are still working as the water has tremendous properties holding in it. As our body has 72% of water, the best thing we can do is to have a good quality of water into you so that you may get rid of illness and can help to stay fit.

Don’t add ice to into your drinking water

It has been seen that many people add ice into their drinking water, but this is the wrong thing we are carrying forward with us. We must have some temperature difference between the body and water temperature. Let us take some example to make this point more clear:

1. For any student, the most important task is to absorb knowledge and attention then it is recommended to drink water in a difference of 80, i.e. our body temperature is about 360 so you must drink water in the range of 280 – 440.

2. For a yogi, it is said to have many transformations taking place so they need to consume the water in the range of 320 – 400, in the temperature difference of 40.

3. If you are a householder, then you must have a maximum temperature difference of 120, that mat range from 240 – 480.
This is the most important point to be kept so that water may help you the way you want and may not affects the internal system of your body which may be bad for your health if you consume too hot or cold water.

clear drinking glass

Should you consume an excess of water?

The answer to this is ‘No’, there is so much need to have an excess of water in your body. It is seen that the sodium level in our brain is controlled by water and this may drop if you are not provided with water, this may affect the rest body part of your body and thus may not work properly or your brain may in the condition of swelling.
On the other hand, if you consume an excess of it, then we must know that the body will only consume a part of it or the part of which is needed by it, and the rest of the part of it is gone in the wastage.
All you need to do is that if you are feeling thirsty then at that time you must drink 10% more of it is needed so that the consumption is fulfilled by you. If you want to maintain the water level in your body then you must consume a high amount of fruit that contains 90% water quantity in it may is capable of maintaining a level into your system.