Starting a Podcast Reddit

This article was written to assist podcasters in using Reddit to enhance their show and expand their audience. Podcasters will learn how to utilize Reddit to acquire useful information, find new listeners, and build a community of fans. Let’s get Starting a Podcast Reddit.

Become a member of the Reddit community:

Before you can use Reddit to promote your podcast, you must first learn how to utilize the site and become a regular Reddit member (or “Redditor”). The Beginner’s Guide to Reddit was developed to educate you on the fundamentals of Reddit. If you’re new to Reddit, we strongly advise you to read the Beginner’s Guide.

Make your subreddit subscriptions unique:

To locate subreddits connected to your podcast, use the subreddit search. Look for subjects that you talk about on your podcast as well as groups that are full of people that are interested in what you have to say.

Unsubscribe from across all subreddits that have nothing to do with your podcast. Unsubscribe from subreddits that will divert you each time you come back on to Reddit since it is a rabbit hole of knowledge.

Use Reddit to get ideas for your show’s content and themes:

Podcast Reddit

Reddit is a fantastic resource for discovering trending topics and learning more about your target audience. Reporters have been using Reddit to get story ideas for years. A well-curated subreddit feed (see section above) will provide you with a wealth of topics for your podcast.

You may also use Reddit to find articles and debates about your area of interest by searching for certain keywords. This search for “Kobe Bryant” yielded a slew of potential topics for a basketball podcast:

Become a part of relevant subreddit communities.

When participating with a subreddit community, the main objective should be to add value. Some of these interactions may result in people being aware of your podcast, while others may not. Interacting with your target audience can help you understand them and provide engaging content for your podcast in any case.

You may interact with subreddits in a variety of ways:

  1. Solicit comments on a program topic, a guest, or an idea. Consider Reddit as a focus group that can help you brainstorm ideas for your podcast while also providing them with a fun topic to talk about.
  2. To generate material for your show, ask a topic on a subreddit. The “Ask” subreddits (for example, /r/AskMen or /r/AskScience) are a fantastic location to ask a topic. “Other subreddits you might like” is a directory of Ask subreddits in the sidebar of /r/AskReddit.
  3. With a subreddit, you may share relevant bits from your podcast. Remove a particularly fascinating section of the podcast and distribute it to a highly relevant audience. Because most users will not start listening to the full program, this is far more successful than sharing the entire show.
  4. In the comments area, add to the discussion. There are a plethora of chances to answer questions, fulfill requests, and advance discussions on Reddit.

Reddit-ads is a great place to promote your podcast:

Reddit advertising is a wonderful method to connect with a subreddit and share your podcast with them. Your contribution will be automatically placed at the top of the subreddit if you pay for a Reddit ad.

Although many podcasts lack advertising resources, Reddit is one of the most cost-effective marketing venues accessible. You may buy an ad for $5 and get 1,000 impressions for every $1 you spend.

Although you are paying to appear at the top of the subreddit, your advertisement should still add value to the community. Instead of simply linking to your podcast, come up with a unique way to promote it. You might, for example, pose a question and then offer to read some of the replies in your next episode. Posting a topical clip from one’s podcast, holding a contest, or advertising your show’s subreddit are all options.

Make a subreddit for your podcast on Reddit:

Have you ever considered creating your own podcast discussion forum? If you have a large enough audience who wants to be a part of a community, a subreddit could be the best option. Propose the concept to your audience and gauge their reaction. You may then determine whether your audience is interested in a subreddit based on the reaction.

You can help your subreddit grow by participating with the community on a regular basis. Here are a few ideas for Starting a Podcast Reddit and using your subreddit as a podcasting platform:

  1. Talk discuss the stuff created by the subreddit on your show. Listeners will be enticed to participate in the subreddit as a result of this. Make this a one-time event or a recurrent part of your program. When people hear you talking about the subreddit on the program, they’ll realize how valuable it is to participate.
  2. Experiment with Reddit and see what you can come up with. Reddit is a wonderful place to get feedback and material from your audience, and the voting mechanism allows them to participate in the decision-making process in a fun way.
  3. Take a few minutes out of each podcast episode to explain the subreddit and the Reddit network to your listeners. Listeners will have to go to your subreddit to post their comments and questions if you promote it as the greatest place to communicate with you.
  4. On your website, include a link to the subreddit. We recommend adding a “Community” link to your website’s main menu that leads to a page with subreddit information.

The key to developing and sustaining an active subreddit for your audience is consistency. To maintain new members coming into the group, promote the subreddit on a regular basis. To keep the community alive, provide material and reply to listeners on the subreddit.

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