Shoot Point Blank indoor gun ranges rebranding to Range USA

Shoot Point blank range is the distance at which a bullet fired from a certain weapon maintains a “flat enough” trajectory to allow the shooter to hit the target by firing straight at it. Depending on the handgun and its bullet, a firearm’s point-blank range can range from a few inches to a few meters. In common use, the term “point blank” now refers to a firearm’s “can’t miss” range.

Shoot Point blank Range:

Shooting at point blank range is the common term used to describe situations where the distance between the shooter and the target is too close. You may define point blank range as the distance from which a shooter cannot miss if they have directly lined up their shot with the target. Because of this, the term “point blank” has come to be used to describe a handgun range that is impossible to miss.

To define the “point blank” range more precisely, you would state that it is the distance across which the trajectory of a given bullet fired from a certain weapon stays “flat enough” for the shooter to strike the target by firing directly at it.

Where is Shoot Point Blank Range located?

There are two spots for you at Shoot Point Blank Range. One each in South Charlotte and Mooresville.

Mooresville, North Carolina’s 743 River Highway is located immediately beyond Morrison Plantation Parkway after leaving I-77 at Exit 36 and traveling west on River Highway/Highway 150 for about 1.3 miles.

Mathews, North Carolina’s 10726 Monroe Rd. Approximately.25 miles north of 51, on the left, across from the carwash.

In 2022, all stores will use the new name:

The largest provider of indoor gun ranges in the world, Shoot Point Blank, has recently announced that it would become Range USA.

The 32 sites of the business will be renamed by the end of March, and any new stores that debut in 2022 will use the Range USA moniker.

Tom Willingham, the CEO and creator of Shoot Point Blank and Range USA, stated in a statement that “our aim is to produce responsible gun owners.” We wish to establish the benchmark for contemporary, user-friendly, secure indoor gun ranges as part of that objective. We want to be America’s gun range, the location that comes to mind when someone suggests going to the range. We’ll be able to achieve it more effectively with the help of our new, simple moniker.

What are the days and hours of operation?

  • Monday – Closed (Mooresville)
  • Monday – 10am-8pm (Matthews)
  • Tuesday – Friday – 10am-8pm
  • Saturday – 9am-8pm
  • Sunday – 11am-6pm

How big is Point Blank Range?

A total of 14,700 square feet are available, including 15 shooting lanes, 3,500 square feet of retail space, 650 square feet of classroom space, and a 1,300 square foot private member’s lounge for Patriot Gun Club members.

Are you hiring staff?

Send your resume or a completed Employment Application to if you’re interested in working at Point Blank Range.

The word “point blank” was first used:

The most reasonable and plausible theory holds that the word “point blank” is derived from the French phrase “pointé à blanc,” which means “directed at white.” It is unclear how the phrase came to be used to describe a very short distance (in the fields of shooting and archery). The French term for “white” is “blanc.”

Archers used to train by firing arrows at targets with painted white centers in the 16th century. The distance from which an archer could effortlessly hit the white central area on the target by just “pointing” at it was known as point blank range.

Another theory holds that the “point” in “point blank” may have referred to the point (or tip) of the arrow that was about to be shot. As long as the shot was fired from “point blank” range, the archer could be certain that the target would be struck if he could see the “point” coincide with it.

How a bullet travels?

The shots you fire always travel straight ahead unless you’re one of the characters from the 2008 action film Wanted. But do they?

Actually, if the target is far enough away, they don’t.

A bullet begins falling to the ground as soon as it exits the gun’s muzzle because of Earth’s gravity (and a few other factors as well as, such as air friction, wind resistance, etc.). Although a bullet seems to go in a straight line because of its extremely high horizontal velocity, a bullet really follows a parabolic path (not a straight one). Shooters must aim slightly above their target in order to strike it precisely for this reason.

Technically speaking, point blank range is the distance at which you can fire a weapon at a target with 100 percent accuracy without having to modify your aim to account for the effects of the Earth’s gravity or other factors.

Depending on the handgun and its bullet, a firearm’s point-blank range can range from a few inches to a few meters.

Shoot Point Blank, a gun shop and indoor shooting range, looking to open its first Wisconsin location in Greenfield:

There are various obstacles that need to be overcome before Greenfield can have a gun store and indoor shooting range.

A vacant 1.55-acre lot at 10557 West Layton Avenue, between Mister Car Wash and First Weber, and just across the street from Walmart, is where Shoot Point Blank, which has almost 30 facilities across seven states, has its eyes set.

According to municipal records, ComptonAddy, a commercial real estate development firm with headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, plans to purchase the site and construct a 10,550-square-foot structure with an indoor firing range and retail handgun sales.

However, the city’s ordinance would have to be altered.

According to the city’s zoning regulations, “sporting goods stores,” which include establishments that sell guns, need special use permits; however, shooting ranges are not allowed on properties that are zoned C-4 Regional Business District, which is the zoning designation of the parcel under consideration.

Only in the M-1 Light Manufacturing District, under the category of “all other entertainment and leisure enterprises,” would a shooting range be permitted as a special use.

In order to permit the “amusement and recreational industries” categorization in the C-4 district, the applicant is proposing that the Greenfield Plan Commission consider changing the code.

According to Greenfield Community Development Manager Kristi Porter, such a request is not rare. But if a modification is made, it will affect all properties with C-4 zoning, not just the particular property in question.

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