SEO Fundamentals for Google My Business

Nowadays most individuals possess a website and try getting a good position out of it. Listing of the website is although done with the help of traffic generated on that particular website, but how does one get good traffic on their website? This is possible via writing and presenting good information in both quantitative and qualitative forms to get more trafficking on your website.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice for increasing the traffic on your website with the help of organic search engine results.  The fundamentals about SEO must be known to take more advantage out of it and increase your website’s traffic rate.

SEO Entailment in website

The entailment of SEO in a website plays a vital role in predefining it and thus seeks major importance to its side.

  • Quality of traffic –Most of the users like to visit certain websites due to the attraction set-up by them, google informs them about your website so that they can know what you own for. You must set your website in such a way that visitors get a keen interest in visiting your website so that you get quality traffic on it.
  • Quantity of traffic – After you get visitors for your website one must try increasing them, for Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) better traffic is true.
  • Organic Results – With help of SERPs one can easily get unpaid traffic on the website. For organic results, ads play a vital role in achieving that.

Google My Business SEO

The creation of account and verification for Google My Business is an easy task, but letting it get over to the top positions seems difficult. There are many factors to be considered to get on a top position in google ranking.

Factors affecting google search ranking

As per the research & analysis done by Moz Local, the factors affecting google ranking are

  • Google My Business Signals – 25.12%
  • Link Signals – 16.53%
  • Review Signals – 15.44%
  • On-Page Signals – 13.82%
  • Citation Signals – 10.82%
  • Behavioral Signals – 9.56%
  • Personalization – 5.88%
  • Social Signals – 2.82%

Tips and Tricks for ranking your Google My Business SEO

1. Complete your Google Account Listing –

Listing has about a 25% effect on your ranking so before starting up with anything else we must first complete all the details indeed into it. Add all the necessary information like business hours, special hours, offers, photos, website, etc. into it so that visitors have good information from you’re your end.

2. Lots of Citations –

In your free time try finding out in which website you can add up your listing of business for free so that it can help you gain more visitors from other ends too. The Name, Address, Phone Number must always be the same so that there seems no communication gap.

3. Get a Website –

It has been observed that 21% of signals gathered are from your own made website, for this, a single-page website can also do up to your job for this.

4. Get Keywords in Review –

One thing you must let your visitors know of tagging a keyword of your product or business in their reviews. These keywords help boosting your SEO a lot, so requesting your visitors will help increasing traffic on your website.

5. Add-Up Keywords in Reviews reply –

For every review you get must be given a positive reply with a keyword embedded into it so that it works as an SEO tool for you to work on.

6. Use YouTube –

You must have a YouTube channel of yours so that you can share some videos associated with your business, by doing so many visitors must share that and will help you get more traffic on your business.

If you try following all the tips properly then for sure your Google My Business listing will improve within a short period of time.