How to Schedule Facebook Posts: A Simple and Quick Tutorial

Knowing how to schedule Facebook posts allows you to save time, upload fresh material on a regular basis, and attract a larger audience on the network.

Facebook chose to introduce Facebook Business Suite since more and more business is going online to extend their reach faster. It’s an internet site that allows you to manage both your Instagram and Facebook profiles from one place.

It’s useful to have a tool that allows you to make plans for the posts you’ll make during the week as a social media marketer or a business owner. Unfortunately, numerous users have reported that the option to schedule updates on their Facebook accounts is no longer available.

If you’ve ever tried to keep your brand’s Facebook Page updated with regular material, you’ve undoubtedly wondered if there’s a method to plan Facebook updates ahead of time. There is, indeed!

Managing a social media content calendar becomes significantly more effective when you schedule Facebook updates. Scheduling posts might help your company maintain consistency and stick to publication schedules. If you do it this way, you’ll be able to avoid large gaps between postings with no effort.

You have two options for scheduling Facebook posts:

Natively: Facebook’s built-in publication scheduling is used in this way.

Third-party schedulers are used: Many publishing systems may be used to schedule social media postings across several platforms. Advanced features, such as bulk scheduling, are possible.

What are the benefits of scheduling Facebook posts?

In a nutshell, scheduling Facebook posts has the following advantages for your business:

  • Save time by avoiding the need to make separate postings.
  • Increase your social media involvement by posting on a regular basis.
  • Connect with and communicate with more people.
  • Boost your social media interaction.
  • Keep your social media accounts all on a brand by looking at the overall picture of your posting approach.

Why is there no option for scheduled posts on Facebook?

If you believe this is a Facebook bug or error, please let us know.

You are incorrect. Facebook has launched a new tool called ‘Creator Studio’ on its platform. For page administrators, it’s just one shop for managing their Fb pages.

Now that Facebook wants its users to choose the Creator Studio far more, they’ve moved the option for scheduled posts inside the Creator Studio.

Because many page owners are perplexed by this new service, we’ve decided to create a basic explanation on how to use scheduled posts in face of changes.

Following are the ways to Schedule Facebook Posts:

  1. Create Scheduled Posts in Facebook Creator Studio.

The Creator Studio is the simplest way of creating Facebook scheduled posts. If you’re not sure how to use it, utilize the instructions below to walk you through the procedure.

  1. To begin, go to your Facebook profile and select Publishing Tools from the left-hand menu.
  2. Take a peek at the side menu in Publishing Options and select Creator Studio from the Tools section.
  3. Hit ‘Post Something…’ after accessing the Creator Studio.
  4. Now write your normal post and include media like images and videos.
  5. After that, pick Schedule from the drop-down menu next to Boost Post.
  6. Finally, choose your selected publishing date and click Schedule.

Follow the steps below to manage your scheduled posts in the Creator Studio.

  1. From the side menu of the Creator Studio, select Content Library.
  2. Then select Posts from the drop-down menu.
  3. Finally, from the navigation bar, select Scheduled to see your scheduled posts.

Select the scheduled post you want to alter or update, then save your changes.

  1. Use Facebook Business Suite to schedule Facebook Posts

You’ll need a Facebook Page to schedule Text messages or updates.

Step 1: Compose your Post.

To go to your business’s Facebook Page, go to Pages inside this top left corner of your homepage after viewing Facebook to your timeline.

  • Then, under the menu, select Business Suite.
  • Now, go ahead and click Create Post.

Step 2: Take a look at the post before you publish it.

Check where you want your post to appear in the Placements section. You’ll be able to post it to both your Page and the Instagram account associated with it at the same time.

You’ll be able to see how the article will look on desktop and mobile as you write it. If anything appears to be out of place, make the necessary modifications to improve the content. It’s now time to double-check that link previews are being retrieved appropriately. Also, see merging Facebook business pages.

Step 3: Pick a date and time that works for you.

  1. Simply click next to the Publish option at the bottom of the page if you might not want to post your post straight immediately.
  2. Next, choose a day and time for the post to go live.
  3. Finally, press the Save button.

Step 4: Arrange for the publication of your article.

That concludes our discussion. Simply choose the blue option for Schedule Post. Your article has been scheduled to be published. This means it’s ready to go live at the time and date you choose.

  1. Report the Problem to Facebook about the issue.

Unfortunately, if you are still unable to schedule posts on Facebook, we recommend that you contact Facebook to report the issue. It’s likely that their servers are down right now, or that they’re having technical difficulties. If Facebook’s servers are now unavailable, you can refer to our guidance on what to do.

When reporting an issue, include data such as your account information, the name of the page you’re working on, and the device you’re using.

This concludes our tutorial on what to do if you are unable to schedule posts on Facebook. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please post them in the comments section below, and we will do our best to address them.

5 ideas for Facebook post scheduling

You should follow these best practices whether you use a Facebook scheduler like Hootsuite or manually schedule posts on Facebook:

  1. Adhere to your brand’s guidelines at all times.

When you schedule posts, you aren’t in a rush to publish them. As a result, make an effort to create material that is relevant to your target audience.

While you’re developing weeks or months’ worth of content, scheduling posts may also help you remember your brand rules. Make sure your efforts on Pages, and even social media, are in line with your own and your audience’s ideas.

  1. Select the publishing date and time with care.

When your audience isn’t online, don’t post. The Best Time to Publish option in the Facebook scheduler will help you plan Facebook posts on days and hours when your audience is engaged on the site.

The more people who view your Facebook updates, the better your chances of generating interaction, driving traffic, and gaining new followers are.

  1. Recognize when it’s time to put your Facebook updates on hold.

Keep in mind the posts you’ve planned. Always consider how recent events or crises could change the meaning or tone of items you created before they occurred – they could become irrelevant or improper in ways you couldn’t have predicted.

To remain on top of what’s coming up, check in on your planned posts on a frequent basis. You’ll be able to postpone or delete planned posts before they go live, avoiding any possible reaction.

  1. Keep in mind that you can’t plan for everything.

You must make real-time posts regarding certain topics. On the other hand, some types of articles can’t be prepared at all. These are available on Facebook:

  • Events on Facebook
  • Check-ins on Facebook
  • Albums of photographs
  1. Keep an eye on engagement and statistics.

A solid publishing schedule shouldn’t be determined by chance. If you utilize a social media analytics tool to track your success, you’ll be able to figure out what works best for your Facebook audience.

Data from previous postings will tell which ones are effective and which ones need to be tweaked.