Proper Ways to Wake Up From the Bed

This is the most common topic but still many of us aren’t following the proper ways to wake up from the bed. As we all know that wake up with a good mood makes your day energetic and joyful. It is see that this were used from the ancient times but as the time is moving forward we are lagging behind of many of the things that we must follow in our day-to-day life.

 1) Don’t get an alarm to wake you up in the morning

It is seen and observed that this is not the best way to wake up in the morning as the alarm tone will make you frustrated and you won’t be mentally prepare for that day. So to avoid this the best you can do is that go to the bed early at the night as you only know that how much sleep you need to get up early as possible. So you must be prepared for the bed before the day.

 2) The right side to wake up from the bed

Psychologically it is seen that the heart is considered the most important expect. So as we get up we must rolled up from the right hand side as we are having the heart at the left hand side. The reason behind doing so is that when we are on the bed our body is in the relax position and our metabolic activities are low and as we get up there is drastic surge in activities, that’s why in India it is told from the ancient time but due to lack of knowledge none of us are following.

 3) Rub your hands

This is the most important way to wake yourself immediately, so before moving your body up from the bed you need to do is that rub your hands well and put in on your eyes and then open your eyes. This helps to wake up all our senses of our body and thus we don’t feel like going to bed again.

4) Wake up with a smile

You must be thinking that should we read jokes in the morning to make us happy, the answer is ‘No’. The thing you need to do is that ask yourself “M I Alive”, and yes you are and weren’t the part of the quarter million of people who lost their life due to natural death. The second thing can be asked about your family member and this reasons will definitely let you make smile as none of us have a guarantee card to wake up in the morning.