Precious Metals Value: The Top 10 You Should Know About

Did you know that dedicating 5% to 15% of your investment portfolio to precious metals can help protect you from the risk of an economic contraction? Global and national economies can boom and crash over the years in ways that are out of your control, so it’s all the more important to keep your money safe in these turbulent times.

Precious metals can be a great way to put your money into a commodity whose value holds up even despite an economic recession. However, when it comes to precious metals’ value, there are far more options than gold and silver. Check out this guide where we rank them ourselves.

  1. Rhodium: The Undisputed Best in Precious Metals Value

Part of the platinum family of metals, rhodium is a reflective, corrosion-proof metal that holds the title of most expensive worldwide. It is known for being used in mirrors as well as to finish jewelry.

  1. Platinum

Its platinum’s versatility keeps it among the world’s most valuable metals. Highly resistant and malleable, it is used for jewelry as well as aeronautical and military equipment alive.

  1. Palladium

Also a member of the platinum family, palladium is known for its resistance to hydrogen and heat, which is why it is used in the manufacturing of catalytic converters.

  1. Gold

Perhaps you’ve heard of it! Gold has reliably remained one of the top precious metals throughout human history. For more information on the ease and transparency of investing in gold, check out

  1. Iridium

Known for its white shine, its very high melting point, and being one of the densest elements known to man, iridium is exclusively mined in South Africa.

  1. Ruthenium

One of the toughest members of the platinum family, ruthenium is often added to platinum materials to strengthen them. It is also used to plate points of electrical contact.

  1. Osmium

Found in platinum allows and sporting a distinctive silver-blue hue, osmium is also one of the world’s densest elements.

  1. Rhenium

This extremely heat-resistant metal is found as a byproduct of copper mining. It has the third-highest melting point and second-highest boiling point of any element on earth.

  1. Silver

Though both gold and silver rank among the most popular precious metals investing can utilize, silver is both cheaper and more widely produced. It is constantly used in jewelry and technology all over the world, allowing it to always retain value.

  1. Indium

Malleable, shiny, and mostly found in Japan, China, and South Korea, indium is mostly used in electronics for its high conductivity.

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Even if you know all there is to know about precious metals’ value, there’s no reason to limit your investment portfolio to that alone! In times as unpredictable as these, you’ll want to make sure to diversify, stay informed, and do all the research you can.

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