Posting is Not SMM Yet! Or How to Distinguish a Poster Student From a Promotion Specialist

There are a lot of ambitious guys on the network (actually of different ages), proudly calling themselves SMM-specialists, but in reality, offering only posting in their free time. No, I have nothing against it – posters are needed, there is such a profession. It’s another matter that these posters may ask you for money for a full range of SMM services, promising an increase in subscribers, visitors, leads, and rain from dollar bills at the end. And even if the price was quite adequate for simple posting, you were expecting something else!

 I have put together a few tricks that I usually use to distinguish an ambitious poster from an SMM specialist. I hope that they will help you in finding an artist!

  1. Meet by clothes

 To get started, study the specialist profile. Immediately make a reservation – this does not always work. Yes, if you see on the page a couple of other thousand friends, professional posts, and a list of merit in the form of published cases, then most likely there is nothing to fear and the person knows his job. But the reverse situation does not mean at all that you will not get anything. Very often, separate profiles are used for work, from which posts in groups, moderation, etc. are carried out. In any case, I always ask any page on the network where I can see what is called a living person. The response to such requests can also say a lot. For example, one specialist from whom I requested a real page explained that it wasn’t available, but threw off some of his photos and even a scan of his passport with his home address (!). This, of course, is overkill,

  1. There is no past? Tell us about the future!

It happens that when requesting a portfolio, the performers respond that they did not collect information or honestly say that they are at the very beginning of the path and they just need practice and cases. If at the same time you are offered a price adequate for a beginner, you can try to work. But be sure to ask a specialist about his plans and vision of the task.

 What you should hear:

  • Understanding the activities/products of the customer and the target audience.
  • Goals for the coming month and tools used.
  • The content plan for the next month or another period of work (the number of posts per day, their subjects, etc., etc.).
  • The list of works that the contractor undertakes to perform and those that will not relate to him. For example, some SMMs or teams offer everything, including a design change if necessary. So that you do not have vain expectations and unnecessary requirements – discuss this on the beach.

If your candidate stumbles a lot during such a conversation, cannot say anything concrete, he just spills it with promises and, like a mantra, repeats “we will do you well, no matter how, but we will” – this is an occasion to beware.

 I must say right away that you should not be afraid of the absence of a fixed cost during the first conversation (provided that you have been voiced at least “from” and “to”) – immediately, without a surface audit, it is really difficult to evaluate the budget.

  1. Penalties

The worst thing an illiterate specialist can do is to attract the anger of the social network moderators, after which your group will go to the ban. The easiest way to do this is to get caught in spam and other suspicious activities. In order not to write technical support once again and not to be left without a page for a while, I agree in advance with the SMM Service about the system of fines. In the case of a ban from the technical support of social networks, a fixed amount is deducted from the payment of a specialist. If you worked in full prepayment, then the same amount of grief-worker must pay you.

 Of course, I understand that force majeure happens and with professional SMM specialists, I often omit this moment, knowing that they will not use tools that can lead to a ban. Penalties are my way of defending myself against incompetent people, dropping out even at the interview level.

  1. Trust but verify

The surest way is to test a person in practice. Offer a test period of a week (of course, with payment), after which the cooperation will be extended or stopped, depending on the results. Of course, you should not wait a week for a large influx of people and evaluate the effectiveness of the number of new subscribers. We are not here for this. The meaning of testing is to see how the group will be conducted, which tools will be used for promotion, whether the content plan will be followed. Those. The check is no longer aimed at evaluating the result of the work, but at making sure that the work is going on. And that this is the work of an SMM specialist, not a poster-commentator.

 In the end, I would like to advise you still to contact the experts with cases and good reviews, and it is desirable that these reviews can be checked!