PM Modi speech in UNO | Security Council of UN

 A few days back the Prime Minister of India gave a speech in UNO representing his own country in a very graceful manner and thus was appreciated by many of the viewers and the members of the UNO. The Indian PM is very famous for his attractive and smartness and thus is liked by most in the world.

At the time of the Second World War, there was a need to stabilize a body that must look after the peace for humanity so that this sort of warfare doesn’t let to happen in the future. The prime minister of America Franklin D. Roosevelt played a vital role in making this organization. United Nations of Organization was set-up in the year 1945 and the establishment of this organization was done on an island in New York known as Manhattan Island on 24th October 1945. There are a total of 193 members in this organization and have six main parts held into it.

What is the Security Council of UNO?

The Security Council of the UN is also known as the Policeman of the world, as this council is capable of punishing anyone in this world. In this council there are 15 members in which 5 members are permanent and the rest of the 10 members are temporary, the permanent members of this UNO are the USA, Britain, France, Russia, China and thus these five members are provided with Veto power. This veto power has the capability to stop anything that they want and if within these five members if only one of them is against that resolution then the recommendation won’t get a pass in UNO. This Veto power is mostly used by Russia and is never used by France.

Why India should be elected as a Permanent member of UNO?

There are many countries in this world and thus every country wants the Veto power of the UN so that it might be helpful for their country as a whole, but there are many positives points for India to get Veto power and thus will also be helpful for the humanity as a whole. The point which makes power packs Indian sides are as follows:

  • In the year 1945 when the UNO came into empowerment at that time, India wasn’t a democratic country but still, we were ready to be the part of UNO and thus become a member of UNO after getting freedom in the year 1947.
  • India also inspired many countries to be part of this organization and thus many countries got ready to be a part of this organization for stabilizing peace on this planet.
  • The main motive of UNO is that humanity in this world must live peacefully and must not be tortured by anyone and India is the biggest example of a democratic country and still didn’t get the permanent place in the Security Council of UNO.
  • India is the most popular example of being a secular country and thus no one is discriminated against on the basis of their caste or religion.
  • It has been seen from the observation of many times that India is always there to get away towards peace and thus also participated in many places for the stabilization of peace out there.
  • The country like India has been many times fought with the terrorist but not a single time an Indian has gone an played the role of the terrorist and thus in every part of the country Indian people are treated well with full manners and respect.
  • India plays a good role in helping the WHO and thus also provides the vaccines for many illnesses in mass quantities and thus also capable of producing vaccine of COVID-19 in a mass amount in a short term of time.
  • India’s relations are very good with most of the countries in the world and thus if elected will get the majority of votes from the members of UNO to make it in the list of permanent members.

There are a few reasons which show that a country like India must have the Vito power so that it can help to play a vital role in the development of humanity and thus play a role in stand-buying peace in this world.

Why India didn’t get Veto power to date?

India has laid down many examples to be a permanent member of the UNO but couldn’t fulfill its dream until the date and thus also seeks it difficult to get Indians the Veto power in their hands. Here are a few negative points or the mistake committed by India for not getting the Veto power.

  • In 1968 UNO made a policy known as the Nuclear bomb Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which states that any country after this time cannot keep nuclear weapons with them, due to this point China isn’t favored by giving veto power to India. India says that they have nuclear weapons but they only have to retaliate it and will not use it as its first weapon for the war.
  • In 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear test Ban Treaty (NTBT) was amended into the act by UNO and India didn’t sign this agreement too. In this agreement, it was clearly written that none of the countries in this world can test their nuclear weapon in the air, water, or on the ground but the nuclear testing was done in India beneath the ground and thus did not violated this policy made by the UNO.
  • In 1950 UNO made a team known as Dixon commission to get a well-known close report on the resolution of the J&K matter but in the end, they draw a conclusion that this point is not an international issue and thus must be solved properly by both the countries.
  • It has been seen that the budget given by India is very less for the UNO and it is of 2-3% of the total expenses of the UNO, but they are neglecting one thing that India is the only country dedicating in free Vaccine distribution amongst many countries and also supplies many medicines at a very low nominal cost.

The Indian Prime minister must explain each and every point to the UNO in deep such that they didn’t get any other option until accepting India as a Permanent Member of the UNO. If this happens then India will get many chances to look after the right of humanity and use the Veto power when indeed.