Planet Earth : Interesting Facts & Knowledge Information.

Earth is simply a small planet in this big universe but the importance of earth is known to everyone and how it provides space, shelter, food, etc. for the existence of life on Earth, all we can say that Earth has made our life simple so that people born here can live their life peacefully. It is said that Earth was from 4.6 billion years ago and we living being has spent only 5 million years on this planet.

Here are a few interesting facts which are unknown to many about our motherland Earth.


  • The shape of the globe that represents the earth surface is seen to be fully spherical, but the fact is that due to gravity surface of the Earth is not a perfect sphere, it bulges outwards at the equator and thus form a ‘Spare tier’
  • The moon which we see every night is going farther from the planet earth. This fact has been getting to know from the 25 years of observation and thus they concluded that the distance between the earth and moon is increasing every upcoming year, from the years of hard work our scientist calculated that radius of moon’s rotation is increasing at a rate of 4cm in every upcoming year and this will be seen also in future. The distance between Earth and Moon is 3,84,400kms.
  • It is said that the surface of Earth is negatively charged, this fact was discovered by scientists in late 1917. It is seen every year in many places that electric current is generated between the surface of Earth and air at an intensity of 1500 amps, it is only said that someone is charging the earth because the fact about this charging is still not discovered.
  • The gravity of the earth is assumed to as 81m/sec2 but this value varies from place to place on this planet. It is observed that you will feel lighter in the coastal areas of India and can feel heavier in the southern pacific region of this planet. This feel of heavier and light is due to the change in gravity which is the reason for the survival of human beings on earth.
  • It is said that humans were also an extinct species on this earth, they were about 2000 people only, this information is said to about 70,000 years ago and now the current scenario is known to everyone. It is founded from the research and study that the latest human mitochondrial DNA and the Hoy and Thorn people of southern Africa were separated from humans from a long time about 90,000 to 1,50,000 years ago which makes it interesting to be known about our ancestors.

Earth is said to be a very beautiful planet in this whole universe but due to us our motherland is losing its beauty, many species have become endangered. This is our duty towards our motherland that we must take care of its Flora and Fauna so that the future generation must get to see this and feel the real beauty on their own, not from the images of past.