PayBack Ltd Review – Is It Easy To Retrieve Your Stolen Funds?

PayBack Ltd Review

PayBack Ltd is an Israel-based firm that was founded after the financial crisis of 2008. It provides every type of required help to recover the lost money of traders from scammers. This PayBack Ltd review will focus on the services of this magnificent firm.

After the financial market crash of 2008, people were not willing to invest in traditional ways. This lack of confidence paved the way for online scams. At that time, PayBack Ltd stepped in and created a team of people who had already worked in the options and forex market. Till now, it has successfully helped millions of traders who became victims of online fraud.

Scams Of Forex And Binary Options

A binary option is a type of trading in which traders bet over fixed odds. It is made depending on the possibility of a price hike, whether the price will rise or not. The other trading instrument is forex trading, in which traders trade currency pairs. Both these instruments are on the hit-list of scammers. They suspend the accounts of traders without any reason and don’t even notify the traders. When traders try to withdraw their money, they simply refuse to do so because this is what they intended to do. Nowadays, all FX trading is shifted online. That is why it has become simple for scammers to create a fake website that looks entirely plausible.

PayBack Ltd

Four-Step Process For Funds Recovery

PayBack Ltd has simplified the recovery procedure and uses a four-step procedure to recover money from pockets of scammers. This four-step method is now considered the most efficient way to recover money. First of all, when any victim contacts PayBack Ltd for help, it obtains all the required information, which can be of vital worth later on. Then it reviews all the collected details to construct a road map for the case.

The second step involves the collection of all required documents and information. It includes bank statements, purchase receipts, transaction history, a copy of the contract with the broker, and emails/messages received from the broker. After completion of the second step, PayBack Ltd challenges the scammer as well as his bank. In the fourth and final step of the chain, PayBack Ltd claims your funds and fights until the end. It tries to solve the matter in the shortest possible time.

Cost-Efficient Firm

PayBack Ltd gives the first consultation free of cost to traders who try to recover their money. After that, the initial fee is charged before starting the 4 step procedure. The initial fee varies from case to case, but usually, it stays between 500 to 1200 dollars only. The remaining fee is charged on percentage after recovering the money successfully. It can be 5 to 10 percent, depending on the difficulty of the work. So far, PayBack Ltd has worked on more than 700 projects, and by using this vast experience, it is providing maximum satisfaction to its clients.

Customer Support Service

Without providing a customer support service, no platform can be rated as a good one. PayBack Ltd also knows this fact which is why it has created a support center that remains available 24/7. The support center can be reached by using the email address as well as phone numbers. It has a toll-free number as well, which can be used in case you don’t have credit.

When clients contact PayBack Ltd, its agents ask some requisite questions and obtain the necessary documents to verify your claims. If the firm believes that your case is winnable, it outlines the initial fee structure and starts working on your case.


In exchange for a reasonable fee, PayBack Ltd is providing high-level services to satisfy its customers; that is why it has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5. The company has vast experience of dealing with international cases, which makes it one of the most experienced available options in the market. Having an eye on all the given information, I can say that the company is fully competent to fight your case and you should go for it to recover your money.