Move YouTube Video from One Channel to Another

Without losing the comments, would you like to export your videos from one YouTube channel to another? In this piece, we talk about how to move YouTube video from one channel to another. Find out what alternatives to make to which would have the least impact on your bandwidth.

My older video was uploaded to YouTube a couple of years ago. It’s popular and gaining ground. Let me know if you’re interested in moving this video to a new channel I just created. In the case of videos, you may be able to download the content, upload it to a new channel, and delete the old one. But the views and comments that I receive will be gone. I am also afraid that my video will be flagged by YouTube because it has already been used on other sites.

What is a recommended way to migrate YouTube videos from one channel to another and without causing problems with Google?

But before moving on, please take a moment to discuss

How to move a YouTube channel to another Google account?

We’ll guide you without altering the channel URL or your audience will be disturbed Either one can add videos and photos to any of your primary YouTube channels, including those you have made yourself or to those you’ve inherited from someone else.

  1. Link to the YouTube channel with the YouTube account you’re already signed in with.
  2. To change the settings, click the ‘Configure VDI images’ at the top of the Settings page.
  3. In order to start a new YouTube channel, select ‘Create a new link’.
  4. The brand account creation page will be available on launch. Type the brand name or select a name for the database record: Remember, this will be your station’s identity long after you leave the company. Introduce an idea.
  5. To proceed, enter a phone number on the phone and verify the account. Make your next selection.
  6. If you’ve been given a verification code, type it in and click on Next.
  7. Go back to the current channel. Be careful that you don’t swap out the wrong one!
  8. Move your channel to a business account link (
  9. If you are asked to re-enter your password, then do so.
  10. Select the channel to move to.
  11. If you entered a brand account name already, you may be notified that the brand already exists and offered the option to remove it. Thoroughly read the statement and if you click through to delete, click the channel to continue.
  12. The moves will be displayed in their entirety, with their analysis. If you have multiple clips selected, select the one you want to move.

Is it possible to transfer a video from one YouTube channel to another?

YouTube video

Following are the steps to Move YouTube Video from One Channel to Another:

  1. This ideally cannot be done. You have to first transfer the footage to a different one-or-older channel. Break it into two or bypass the chain of authority and/disrupt the chain of command.
  2. Create an account by going to YouTube using “account A”.
  3. Check out, video manager.
  4. Check that particular video box.
  5. Make sure you click the SETTINGS tab and select the actions (cog symbol on the left) and then select COMMONS.
  6. The page where your video is located should look something like this: (i.e. start watching it then right-click on the video a select COPY VIDEO URL).
  7. Now, you have to just sign out of your YouTube account.
  8. When you sign in to your other YouTube account, which I’ll call “account B,” please be aware that the password you’
  9. In the URL address bar, paste the video you’re looking for.
  10. Come join our remix and put your own touches on it!
  11. Go ahead and SAVE.

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