How to Merge Facebook Business Pages

In the event that two Facebook pages do essentially the same thing, it’s more advantageous to merge them. Let’s go over it in detail to merge Facebook business pages.

Facebook pages are free to claim if you have a new business or if your business has been in operation for some time. The user found your establishment because of the fact that she searched under a misspelling of your name, but then it spread by individuals showing interest or entering your establishment before you set up your Facebook business page.

When you’re done trying to claim, delete, or merge duplicate Facebook Business pages, it can be frustrating because you’ll have to learn how to do it. The fact that duplicate Facebook Business pages are common was only discovered after analyzing data on duplicate Facebook pages and seeing how common it was to write about businesses in Facebook posts.

Which two Facebook business pages should be merged?

Two or more Facebook Pages could combine into one business if any of these things happen.

  1. A Facebook Page owner loses administrative rights after the Page is created, but they can regain access if they start from scratch and create a new page.
  2. This is long in the past: You used your business name when you started your Facebook profile. When you completed the first step, you created a Facebook profile under your own name. After that, you created a Facebook Page so that you were in the “in” crowd. Facebook’s terms of service now permit you to have two profiles (and one Page). By developing your personal brand into a Page, you’ve created two pages for yourself.
  3. Many of your employees have volunteered to create a Facebook page for you. Now, you have many pages to browse through.
  4. Although you are a local Page, your Page was not listed as “local,” which caused people to attempt to check into your business/Facebook Page, which then created a “new” place Page, or place Pages.
  5. When you create a page under a different name, this will occur. The good news is that the Page survived; the bad news is that you totally forgot about it. Next, you create a new Page beneath the appropriate name. The site now features two Pages.

The merge option, if it’s available, lets you consolidate the Page administrators from two Pages into one. The only Pages that offer this option are those that are related and have similar names.

Make sure the address locations for your Pages are consistent. Pages not meeting the merger criteria won’t display this option.

What Happens when you Merge Facebook business pages?

To give some background, here’s what happens when you merge the pages.

From the new page, the following elements will be compiled:

  • People who like your pages are also interested in your business.
  • Every single check-in.

These lost things will not be combined with the new page:

  • blog posts
  • Pictures
  • opinions
  • rating
  • Email address

Although the new page will feature some minor updates, it will largely remain unchanged other than adding page likes and check-ins from the merged page. This page will be deleted from Facebook when it is merged.

Do you want to do this merge? If so, be sure you’re going to enjoy doing it before you do because the merge cannot be undone.

Keep an eye on these three things when you merge Facebook business pages.

It will be a big surprise to learn that Facebook does not like users logging in from multiple devices, so it’s critical that you perform the merge from the same computer you typically use it on. Keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to merge your resources, and you’ll increase your chances of success.

As a result, you should perform these 3 things:

  • Use
  • Next, click the Merge Pages button to get started.
  • Go ahead and request the merge.

Merge Facebook business pages

This will help you merge two Facebook pages:

  1. Check out the Facebook Duplicate Pages Merge Request page:
  2. From the drop-down menus, select the two pages you want to merge and click the Merge button.
  3. Click on the Request Merge button.

Pages that are unable to be merged will most likely be invalid, as the business information on both of them is too different.

What Happens When You Merge Facebook business Pages?

  • All Facebook business page followers will merge into verified.
  • You will be accumulating all the Facebook likes and check-ins on your official business account.
  • Your public business profile will get all of the customer feedback.

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