Pros and Cons of a Medical Assistant Career

Getting an education gives you a better chance of obtaining well-paid jobs. However, it can be challenging to choose what to study and where and how to pay for it. One great option for those interested in the medical field would be a career as a medical assistant.

What Is a Medical Assistant?

A medical assistant is a professional who performs routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep things functioning in an appropriate and coordinated manner. They support front office staff in doctors’ offices or hospitals, and what they do precisely will depend on the office where they work.

Generally, medical assistants help sanitize medical equipment, do basic laboratory tests and minor procedures like removing stitches or changing bandages, and prepare patient rooms.

Is Becoming a Medical Assistant a Good Career Choice?

Even when choosing a career is a matter of personal preference, there are many reasons why being a medical assistant is a good job that could help you define whether it is the career for you or not. Here are some of the most well-known pros and cons of becoming a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant Pros

1. In-Demand Career

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical assisting is one of the fastest-growing careers today. This means you will have many job opportunities, more career choices, and higher pay.

2. The Training Period

One of the most attractive benefits of becoming a medical assistant is its short training period. Many accelerated medical assistant programs online will offer you the opportunity to get your credentials in as little as six weeks. This is excellent news because the shorter course length makes it a less expensive option than many other types of programs.

3. Helping People

One important benefit of this career is that medical assistants have the opportunity to have a hand in helping patients. Whether at the hospital, a clinic, or a pediatrician’s office, it is always rewarding to help people have better health.

Medical Assistant Cons

As with everything in life, medical assistance has some cons.

1. It Can Be Stressful

Becoming a medical assistant can be a little stressful, especially if you have never treated a patient or worked in a medical environment. You will have to deal with the stress of the high demands of your job. Typically, you will be on your feet all day and can expect to work very hard.

2. Legal Risks

You will have to face some legal risks. For example, if something occurs to a patient under your care, you may incur some responsibility for what happened. However, these risks are often present for professionals who work in the medical environment, and most of the time, there are laws and policies in place to protect you.

3. Job Responsibilities

A medical assistant has limited opportunities and responsibilities simply because many medical issues must be handled by trained nurses and doctors.

The final analysis is that medical assisting is quick to start, in-demand, and a great field to consider, especially if you enjoy making a difference in people’s lives.