Mahashivratri Festival: Science or Religious?

Mahashivratri is entitled as a substantial night for Lord Shiva as from this day the Linga from Mahadeva came into existence. This day is celebrated every year in Magha month on Chaturdashi Tithi. This day also marks the wedding anniversary of Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva, thus remarked and celebrated with great significance. Many devotees on this day perform fasting and enlighten Shiva by doing puja and other methods.

Mahashivratri Festival: Science or Religious?

In India, about three hundred plus festivals are been celebrated every year on a religious or social basis depending on the type of festival been celebrated. Many people nowadays lose faith in religion due to modern practices been out, they think they came out from somewhere and thus don’t have any faith in god or goddesses. This is a very wrong message been set for the further generation as the thing on basis of religion are true and must be practice by everyone to be in contact with this universe. One thing we must understand that our body is connected with this solar system, so if there seem some changes to it will definitely impact your body and thus is been seen scientifically too.

On Mahashivratri night there seems a natural upsurge of energy due to certain changes in the solar system and is seen everywhere on the planet or mostly in the Northern hemisphere. It has been observed that the waves in seas and ocean rise more as compare to other days and is an example of an upsurge of energy on planet earth, this means on this sort of night there is a lot of positive energy on earth, so if you try lying down on this night may let you lose benefit out of it but may also sensibly harm you. On this sort of night, one must stay alert and try using this positivity in their favor to help them out on a further future basis.

Why not sleep on Mahashivratri night?

There are 12 to 13 Shivratri in a year but the Mahashivratri is in the month of Magha. Every life on the planet observes some positive energy upsurge within them, but this form of energy is only beneficial for the human being as we have our spine in an erect position. It is been observed that keeping the spine vertical throughout the night helps in getting immense benefits out of it. On this day only Shiva opened his third eye to see beyond the physicality from reality and thus takes him into another dimension. One must try gaining benefits out of this upsurge energy to get a path towards their particular ambition.

How to worship Shiva on Mahashivratri?

Here are a few Pooja vidhis’s that must be performed to enlighten Lord Shiva

  • To connect your soul with deity one must put themselves into Dhyana.
  • Sprinkle fresh water on the feet of Lord Shiva to worship him.
  • You can use milk, Gangajal, honey, curd etc. to perform Abhishek of linga.
  • The fresh cloth must be an offer to the deity after Abhishek.
  • Now offer sacred Janau and Akshatra to the Lord.
  • After this offer Chandan paste to the deity to worship him.
  • Offer Datura flower, Vilva leaves, and other flowers to the Deity.
  • Now light an oil lamp and offer it in front of Lord Shiva.
  • After all this vidhi’s offer bhog to god. Bhog can be either of fruits or any recipe which is been prepared.
  • Now you can perform Aarti of Lord and chanting the name of the lord.

By doing all these vidhis one must chant the name of the Lord so that they can connect them with the lord and may god fulfill and their needs so that all might live their life peacefully and happily.