List of 4 Weeknight Desserts to Enjoy in the Summer Season

Would you like a piece of cake on a summer weeknight while binge-watching movies? Sounds like a perfect weekend night right? But read carefully, I’m talking about a weekday night here. Yes, it is not necessary that a weekday night has to be boring. You don’t need to wait for the weekend to fill your plate with your favorite cake, watching your favorite show while snuggled in your comfy bed in an air-conditioned chill room. If you have a perfect dessert by your side, any day, or should I say night, can be made amazing. Well, cakes can be consumed anywhere and anytime. The choice of flavors may be varied considering that some cake flavors might make you lethargic and since it is a weekday night, you might want to stick to something light. Else the next day, you may be trapped with a cake hangover. I don’t know if that is even a word or not but you surely will feel some of it.

Weekdays can be hard and stressful, especially in summers when the sun shows no sign of mercy on us. To battle this 5 day a week stress and anxiety, all you need is a good dessert because there is nothing in this world that a sweet delicious dessert cannot fix. So, following are some really amazing yet not so heard desserts that you can eat on a weekday and will help you to survive till the weekend. Get a cake delivery online for the same if you cannot bake any of the following.

Weeknight dessert

Banana cake with cheese cream frosting

 Who likes bananas? Well, we all know the nutrients that this fruit holds for us. Not to forget that this yellow fruit is a power source of calcium. Then, why not incorporate it into your daily diet? Find it difficult to eat a raw banana? What if I tell you that you can have it in the form of a cake? Yes, you read that right? Here is a moist banana cake that is loaded with nuts and is covered with cream cheese frosting. It will be a heavenly treat to bake for a winter night! Easily available ingredients, easy making process and it takes just about an hour for a delightful banana cake with a cream cheese frosting.

Gluten-free chocolate cake

Honestly tell me, you were secretly wishing for a chocolate cake on this list, right? Even I cannot stay away from chocolate cake for long and every type of list for cakes that I make includes chocolate cakes. So here is a yummy chocolate cake that is smothered with an irresistible rich chocolate ganache. Baked with dense dark chocolate, vanilla, cocoa, and a pinch of salt, topped with the goodness of ground almonds. Also, this chocolate cake recipe is gluten-free. Good news for allergic people. You can

Bake this delectable chocolate cake easily at home for the next birthday parties! Or get an online cake delivery in Noida in the same flavor which is even simpler.

Mini cheesecakes

 Another famous cake flavor amongst the people is a cheesecake. But this is not a permission to gulp a whole cheesecake by yourself, it will really play with your energy the next morning. Cheesecakes are heavy so making myself very clear, I’m talking about mini cheesecakes or let’s just say cupcakes with cheesecake frosting. Make these rich, decadently creamy, mini cheesecakes and have some after your dinner. If you are baking it at home, make sure that you top it with a graham cracker crust along with a chocolate ganache, strawberry sauce, peanut butter frosting, and some caramel. Aren’t these ingredients just the best addition to any desserts? You can even add edible flowers on the top to decorate. But if you don’t know about these flowers at all, this step can be avoided.

Creamy cakesicles

Ever heard about cakesicles? Well, consider it a traditional twist to the classic popsicles. Made in the same popsicle mold, this dessert is made with basic ingredients of a cake i.e. cake layers and frosting, bound together by a frozen chocolate layer. Have one or two before going to bed. Great way to get the chill in this hot season.

Treat your taste buds with these amazing desserts out of which some are partially loaded with benefits as well. All these desserts are especially to make your weekdays better and will give you a motivation to survive yet another day.