Jingle Dress – Types & Pattern

The world is full of rituals and tradition which varies in different corners on this earth. Jingle dress is a North American tradition from the Ojibewea tribe in the early 20th century and got famous in the 1920’s in Wisconsin & Minnesota in the US and also in some parts of Canada. This dress is decorated by multiple numbers of bells which are hollow metal cones in shape embedded usually on red, blue, black, green cotton cloth strap. These dresses were worn mostly during the healing ceremony so they are also called Prayer Dress.

Story behind Origination of Jingle Dress

 This story starts with an Ojibewea tribe, In that tribe, a girl falls ill and there seems to be no way to cure her. Day by day her health condition was getting more and more critical, than one day his spirit guides came into her dreams and told her that she has to make a jingle dress for her and has to dance in that dress so that the sound of the bells on her dress will cure her of illness only if she performed the dance on one foot on ground.

She told this to her family and all the tribe people gathered together and helped her in making that dress with 100’s of bells on it, as she was ill from the flue it was difficult for her to dance at first then the tribe members come forward and help her and after some time she began to dance on her own and was fully energetic as like she was never ill before. From this incident the jingle dress came into consideration and is famous and is performed by girls and women in the different ceremonies. This led to the reason that the Jingle dance is also known as Prayer dance.

 How’s the jingle dress made?

This dress as also known as Prayer dress which helps the sick person to heal from the soothing sound of the bells. This dress contains multiple lines of metal cones which are stitched properly with the cotton cloth. The bells are made up of tin, recycled snuff cans, and other metallic plates which are given a conical shape and are tied very closely so that they can produce a melodious sound out of them.

To make this dress look more attractive they are available in different colors and patterns like black, dark red, light blue, etc. that make them look more beautiful, and to make it more attractive they are embedded with ribbons, ties, fringes, embroidery and much more onto them.

They usually have a three – forth size length with full length or short sleeves and are a thick belt at the waist. They also wore other accessories such as bracelets, chockers, feather fans, and decorative moccasins on their feet.

How’s Jingle dance performed?

The sound of the jingle bells and the drumbeat are the soul of Jingle dance, the dancers have to move their feet according to the drum beats with keeping their hands on their hips and bouncing their toes as per the music in a zig-zag manner. This all synchronization and music doesn’t let the viewer to move their eyes from them.

Types and Pattern

  1. Fancy Shawl Jingle Dress Pattern.

Fancy Shawl Jingle Dress Pattern

  1. Old Style Jingle Dress Pattern.

Oldold Style Jingle Dress Pattern

  1. Regalia Jingle Dress Pattern.

Regalia Jingle Dress Pattern

  1. Powwow Jingle Dress Pattern.

Powwow Jingle Dress Pattern

  1. American Indian Pattern.American Indian Pattern