Japanese: Tableware and Foods

We all know that Japan is said is to most literate and technically advanced nations in this world, they also follow their ancient tradition along with western life in today’s era is most likely to be seen. Most of Japan is covered by mountains and heavily wooded areas. Japan has the third-largest economy in the world and is mostly famous for its motor vehicle, electronic equipment, and steel; it is also famous for its traditional arts, flower arrangement, calligraphy.

Here is the list of some tableware and foods which must be tried by each one of us.


Japanese tableware

It is a very well known fact that tableware must be more appropriate, clean, and must be given more importance as the meal. The people of Japan have a very different arrangement of the tableware that matches that to the 16th century and it is also seen that its pattern of tableware is like the abstract painting.

  • Japanese-style handmade stoneware retro tableware: It has been observed that the color of this tableware is elegant and is capable of making your mood calm and relaxed. It is ceramic tableware and is kept in black and white color contrast which gives a pleasant feeling.
  • Japanese-style glass utensils: The glass utensils in Japan are very different from the normal one and they are polished in a traditional manner and style only. This glass material has to go through several stages and then they are given very pleasant and attractive colors.
  • Japanese-style Porcelain tableware: This porcelain tableware are given very delicate touch and texture, they are given very simple and stubble shape and are also compared with the beauty of the east.
  • Black walnut leaf handmade plate: This tableware is mainly handmade and is made of very fine leaves. This leaf is generally in 3-D and is given more accurate shape out of them so that they become attractive and easy to be used.
  • Japanese-style Cherry blossom and wind art hand-painted tableware: This tableware is painted by hand at outer as well as inner surface, the cherry blossom texture adds up to its beauty and thus has irregular edges, overall this tableware is mostly seen and used.

Japanese Food

Japanese food

  • Sushi: It is the most popular Japanese dish and is famous worldwide. ‘Sushi’ refers to the Japanese that have been seasoned with rice vinegar. Sushi also adds up its variety such as Makizushi, Nigirisushi, and Inarizushi.
  • Udon: It is a variant of noodles that is most popular in Japan. They are made up of wheat flour and brine water and are served in various ways as needed. The most popular Udon soups are Kitsune Udon, Tempura Udon, and Hikara Udon.
  • Tempura: It is a crispy fried food of meat, fish, or vegetables; they are covered by tempura batter and fried until they become red and crispy to eat. It can be served directly or on top of the rice or noodles bowl.
  • Yakitori: The meaning of Yakitori refers to ‘barbecued chicken’. They are bite-size chicken pieces seasoned with salt and sauce. The most famous yakitori is Momos, Negima, and Tsukune.
  • Donburi: This dish is very common and preferred in japan. Donburi is made of various meat, fish, vegetables, and steamed rice. The most common variety includes Oyakodon, Gyudon, Tendon, and Katsudon.