Isolation Exercises for Shoulders

Exercise plays a significant role in defining your body fitness and also lets you get a good personality over others. Exercises of any manner help and target different muscles of the body and maintains your health and fitness level. Exercises performed can be Isolated or compound depending on the individual physicality. Many individuals face obstacles while doing shoulder exercises as they cannot concentrate on a single muscle for long, for those isolated exercises will let them achieve their muscle get stronger and wider than ever before.

In this article, we will let you know different isolated exercises for shoulder muscle so that you won’t face a problem switching on a single muscle group for long.

Why Perform Exercises?

Exercises are good for health; this fact is known to everyone around but is practiced by only a fractional of individuals. Let us discuss some unknown facts from exercising so that it can change your state your mind and improve your lifestyle.

  • Exercises daily basis help enhance your energy level from that of before. This happens as exercise improves the health of the heart and lungs, thus makes you feel more energetic.
  • With the help of a physical workout, one can improve their quality of mood and makes one perceive lighter and happier. Exercises release a lot of chemicals which makes you feel happier and relaxed, will also boost your confidence level and also improves your self-esteem.
  • Exercises increase your metabolism rate and prevent you from health problems and concerns. Exercise decreases the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, cancers, etc., thus decreasing the risk of deaths due to diseases.
  • Exercise can help individuals to either gain or lose weight depending on their type of physic. With better consistency and performance one can easily attain their fitness goal.
  • Many individuals complain a lot about their quality of sleep attained by them, regular involvement in physical activity can let you get into better sleeping hours.
  • Exercise can help improve your sex life and make it more enjoyable and energetic. It has been proven that men involved in exercises have fewer problems with impotence and women enhance more arousal than before.

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 Compound Exercises

If you want to engage different muscles group in a single exercise than compound exercise play a role for it. Compound exercises are good for full-body workouts as a single set can engage different muscles. These exercises are mostly performed for weight loss as they help in burning lots of calories and can help in improving muscle quality. These exercises seem challenging while performing as great efforts are indeed in completing them. Barbell Deadlift, barbell squats, pull-ups, etc. are examples of a compound exercise.

Isolation Exercises

The name itself suggests that this exercise is a single muscle work exercise, which means it works only for a single muscle at a time when performed. If you are targeting a single muscle at a time then this exercise will help you achieve that. After a certain form of injury, it’s difficult to perform compound exercises than isolation exercises are the best option to replace that. Shoulder press, ab crunches, biceps curls are examples of isolation exercises.

Isolation Exercises for shoulders

Shoulder exercise

  • Barbell Shrug-

Firstly apply suitable weight to the barbell rod. Now hold the rod with grip in a wider position and with the help of your back shoulders try pulling it up. Hold up the barbell into that position for a second and then get back into the initial position easily. Try performing it with reps of 3*12 with the rest of 30 seconds after every set performed.

  • Dumbbell Shrug-

Take a suitable dumbbell and try performing it in the same way as a barbell rod.

  • Reverse flies Machine-

This isolation exercise engages your back shoulder into account. Firstly take a sit on the fly machine but in a reverse direction, now keeping your hand in a wide position try pulling it back so that you get stress over your back shoulders muscles.

  • Reverse flies-

Firstly choose a suitable dumbbell of your choice and stand with your back tilted down and knees bent slightly with core tight. Now engage your back shoulder muscle and hand in the downward straight position. Now pull your hands up and take it back down, repeat this exercise in 3 sets of 12.

  • Dumbbell Side Lateral Raise-

Take a pair of Dumbbells in your hand and stand up straight, keep the dumbbell aside and try pulling it up and down without bending your hands.

This exercise engages your side shoulder muscles.

  • One-Arm Side Cable Lateral Raise-

With the help of a cable machine, you can perform this exercise in the same manner as described in the Dumbbell side raise lateral exercise.

  • Dumbbell Front Raise-

Firstly choose a pair of dumbbells and stand straight apart, now try pulling your hand in the front direction. This isolation exercise helps engaging front shoulders muscles.

  • One-Arm Front Cable Raise-

Try performing this exercise in the same manner as that of dumbbell front raise but with the help of a cable machine.

  • Car Driver-

Take a weight disc plate as per your suitability; rotate the plate as that of a steering wheel of the car. This isolation exercise helps in engaging top-front shoulder muscles.

Start implanting these isolation exercises into your chart so that you can cover up every part of the shoulder and get stronger shoulders than ever before. Every individual should start exercising and must make it a habit so that you get habitual of it.

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