How to Insert Link in Tumblr bio

We’ll walk you through adding or to insert Link in Tumblr bio, which frequently appears in the header or sidebar.

What Is It and How Does It Work?

Tumblr, along with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is one of the most popular social networking platforms for sharing one’s thoughts, opinions, and creativity. One of the most essential elements of Tumblr, like with other social networking platforms, is the ability for users to introduce themselves to their audience.

Tumblr blogs stand out from other social media platforms because they provide users complete control over how they publish their information. Tumblr’s allure stems from its extensive customization capabilities, free-form blog entries, and a general sense of liberation. Consider your tumblelog to be a blank canvas on which you may paint any picture you desire.

What Is the Importance of The Tumblr Description Box?

Users can display a summary of themselves or their brand in the description box on Tumblr’s sidebar. What’s essential to notice about the description box is that it provides users a lot of flexibility to personalize it, replete with Tumblr’s markup code that streamlines the process of altering texts without requiring any HTML or CSS understanding. Users can use this feature to add a link, for example.

What Are the Benefits of Including Clickable Links in Your Bio or Description?

Including links in your Tumblr description helps your page visitors locate your other social media platforms and gives your summary a sense of order. The rationale for this is that if people enjoy your material on one social media network, they’re likely to like it on other platforms as well.

Not only that, but companies will be able to add connections to their own website or product pages, making it much easier for users to traverse material. This effectively turns the Tumblog into a sales funnel!

How to Insert Link in Tumblr bio

It’s quite simple to turn your blog into a unique space for you and your readers. If you take the time to learn about and understand your site, your readers will do the same. On computers and other devices, it is discussed in the following words.

Steps to insert a link in Tumblr bio:

  1. To begin, sign in to your Tumblr account.
  2. You are viewing Tumblr’s homepage.
  3. Tap the top right “account” button, which resembles a human profile.
  4. Select a Tumblr blog. On the right side of the screen, select “Edit appearance.” Later, under the “website theme” section, select “edit theme.”
  5. You should include a link to the “description box” in the right-hand appearance choices.
  6. If you choose, you can put items that define you in this area. The link is put as follows:
  • If you have content in your bio, type <br> next to it. If you do this, the link you will insert will be at the bottom of the page. Consider this code to be the “space” tab.
  • Copy the link from the page of the link you wish to add to your Tumblr bio.
  • You should include the following code in your description:

<a href=”URL”>TITLE</a>

  1. Instead of ‘URL,’ paste the link you copied. It is critical to use quote marks as seen above. You may now write any title for the link that appears in the description. It will be the link’s name.

For Example:

<a href=””>YOURINFOBUCKET</a>

  1. The color of the link may be modified in the theme options by using the “link color” function.
  2. After you’ve finished, tap the blue “Save” icon at the top. Finally, your readers will be able to view the links in your blog and navigate to the website by clicking on it.

Finally, the description of Putting Links on Tumblr:

We’ve already covered how to include links in your Tumblr description. By observing your followers’ reactions, you may change your blog with your originality and ideas. Classification on your Tumblr account will assist you in understanding the other aspects of life.

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