Important Instructions Regarding GRE at Home

As of now we know that due to this COVID-19 pandemic many of us had GRE exam canceled. This had a great impact on the students who had their preparation going well and thus were told to reschedule there exam. But still there was a question that how long will this pandemic moves on, as there was no answer regarding this so the Education Testing Services (ETS) had a solution out of it to take the GRE at home itself in many part of the country except Mainland China & Iran.

Basic Requirements made by ETS

ETS is partnering with ProctorU, a company that had delivered millions of proctored online exam and thus they trying to create a testing environment in your home itself with some terms and conditions.

 Basic requirements made by ETS are as follows:

 1) Laptop or desktop – you are not allowed to use tablet or other mobile device.

2) Windows operating system – you cannot use an IOS operating system, but if you want can use an mac computer with Windows installed in it.

3) Browser – Chrome or Firefox.

4) Private Space – You are not allowed to take your test in garden or any public place and you have to ensure that one enters your room.

5) Desk or table and chair – you don’t think that, at home you may lie down and may give your    test.

6) Webcam – All you need to show the proctor 3600 view of your test space.

7) Microphone and speaker – This is needed as a conversational medium. You cannot use a headphone earbuds or anything that found to be illegal.

8) Writing equipment – Erasable marker or sketch pen. Ensure that no pen other than this are allowed to be kept.

9) Rough sheets – Whiteboard, Transparent sheet protector. Rough papers are not allowed to be carried.

10) ID Proof – Passport, Driving license etc.

Real time Experience about GRE

There are few things that I think of sharing with you so that all your doubts ended up after reading this. All you need to take your GRE from home appointment which is different as that of regular GRE that was conducted  as of before. The basic requirements that are listed above needed to be read carefully. The proctor will have a chat with or he will use mic sometimes to check its working or not. Proctor will have eye on you so are not allowed to do any sort of action as this all be also be recorded and thus may put you in danger, so don’t ever think of fooling the proctor by using other means for cheating. You have to make sure to have a pin drop silence in your space and cannot talk with anyone else. You have to use a handheld mirror or phone can also be used to show the screen to the proctor, from this you can have idea that they are using very advance AI security for this test to be conducted.

In the room make sure that no one enters till the end of the exam. You are not allowed to carry any sort of notes or textbooks that is found to be illegal and any type of movement may negate your exam. If your proctor allows you, you can carry snacks or water bottle as the exam is too lengthy.

Many of us must be thinking of that, Are you allowed to get a break during the test, You might be knowing that after third section there is a 10 minute break in which you are allowed to leave your sit, but on a condition that you have to come back within 10 minutes otherwise your exam will be cancelled.

So this was all about the test, during the test you are everytime viewed by the proctor, your every eye movement is recorded and so don’t ever think of fooling them as you know the test fee is around 15000/-, so I don’t want your money to be get wasted.

If you are thinking to take GRE at home, make sure your home has a separate room for that and a good internet connectivity. For your information ETS too has two free GRE tests that you can take and have a practice of this. Make sure that you have a practice of practicing on white board so that you may manage time out of it to rub.

At last after your exam is completed you will be displayed with your quant and verbal score, your AWA score will be given later on as usual, after leaving you are told to rub the white board so that you do not carry any information out of there. This was my real time experience about the GRE at home.