How to update Minecraft server?

Gaming has become a hobby in today’s era; many individuals like to play video games than outdoor games. Minecraft is also a Sandbox Video Game which was created by Markus Notch Persson in the year 2009. It uses Java Programming language and is developed by Mojang Studios. Minecraft is the most loved and popular video game of all time, it has also added several awards in its profile and to date, it has 130 million monthly active users across the world.

Here are four different game modes in Minecraft

Types of minecraft server

  • Creative mode –

    As the name implies that in this mode more emphasis is given on the Creation of the content. In this mode, you are already provided with resources and are available in the Creative mode inventory. There is a great advantage in this mode as you are provided by infinite resources so you can build without worrying about the shortage of raw material.

  • Survival Mode –

    In this mode, you get more feeling and comparison with that of our traditional video games. In this mode, you have to gather natural resources such as wood and stones which are easily available in the world and are used to craft the blocks and items. In this mode your first aim is to look upon the health bar which gets reduced from the attack of the monsters, falling into lava, suffocation, and another parameter which affects your health percentage.

  • Hardcore Mode –

    As the name itself derives the mode of this game is level up than that of your other mode or can say that in this mode there are maximum chances of your death or can be termed as permanent death mode. In this mode there is no chance of respawning as in the other mode, if you die then your game is over and also entire stuff, hard work, and your entire world is deleted. One more option is given to you if you die i.e. Spectator mode.

  • Adventure Mode –

    This model provides you with many adventures and difficulty so that you keep enjoying this game and is also provided with a custom map. This game is kept similar to that of your survival mode, but to make it more interesting you are given several restrictions that are controlled by the creator of that map. Players have to start in with the search of the required essentials and are guided by the map and thus added with several adventures. In this mode, you don’t have the right to create a new world, but you can toddle this mode and thus the sharing can be done with the servers provided.

 How to update Minecraft Server?

Here are a few simple steps which you must be following to get your server updated.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get connected to your server.
  2. Now to stop this running server you only need to type ‘stop’.
  3. You have to just minimize the server; don’t make the mistake to cancel it out.
  4. In the server files, we must be having a server.jar file which is to be replaced with that of your new version file.
  5. Now you need to download the updated version from the Minecraft site i.e.
  6. With the help of this site download the upgraded version of this game.
  7. During downloading chrome might warn you about this file type that this might harm your computer; you need not worry and just click on keep.
  8. This warning is given by chrome as it is unaware of it and these do not contain any sort of virus into it.
  9. After the download is completed bring that file onto your desktop.
  10. Replace this new file with the server.jar file.
  11. Before replacing check that the new file is also named as server.jar if not then do that first and then go for its replacement.
  12. Now you have started with a new server and those you have upgraded your game in a very simpler manner.