How to take care of your pets during lockdown?

Lockdown seems to very difficult to carry out by humans as well as the pets, it seems during lockdown that pets were also been part of it as their owner couldn’t take them outside and thus living inside a house for a couple of months is not that simple as it is seen. The second most tension for a pet owner is that this lockdown happened in the summer season where we all love to play with our pets and thus the increasing temperature can also place a problem for pets.

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Here are some tips for the pet owner to be ensured in this lockdown period or summer season

  1. Must be careful about heatwave symptoms.

A heatwave can make a person feel low, so it is very difficult for pets to adopt such climatic changes, so you have to look upon their heart rate and drooling so that necessary steps are taken on time.

 In this lockdown period, it’s necessary to shelter them, make sure that they may have cool and fresh air so that they may not feel low in this situation and thus get rid of this period soon.

  1. Help them to get rid of parasites.

It is seen that the ticks & flicks are mostly seen in the summer, it is your duty towards your pet to help them get rid of them. Pets feel irritated with such parasites and do not let them sleep properly and trouble them a lot.

 The solution to this problem is that you must have anti-tick spray so that you may help your pet to get rid of this problem very easily.

  1. Must groom your pet in some interval.

Grooming is the most essential part to be taken care of, as it helps them to feel relaxed & active or in others, we can say that it as just like taking a shower and you feel active. Grooming involves many activities like washing the fur s of your pet, brushing it properly, and trimming their nails in proper. It is advisable to choose a shampoo with aloe Vera ingredients so that their fur must become shinier than before.

 Many of us think that their hair must be short in summer and so this phenomenon also lies with pets, they also get a new look out of it and they feel light and comfortable with the atmospheric conditions.

  1. Must look after the best feeding of food.

Food is said to be the main source of energy and thus this energy must be given in a right and appropriate way. It is seen that we often provide our pets with dry food rather than something wet, this thinking needs to be changing as this dry fruit may not help the pets to get over their water level in their body which is said to be a must in the summer season.

The thing you need to add up with food options like curd & rice, buttermilk which is commonly available even in the lockdown period and you can also add up with several fruits like banana, watermelon, etc. which can help them in summer season and can help from dehydration.

 You have to ensure that your pet’s body does not dehydrate as this is common even in humans in the summer season, so the food served by must be maintained at room temperature rather than being served hot.

  1. Must check the weight of your pet.

Summer is a season in which many of us thinks of losing weight, so the same can be done with our pets also. It is observed that they might gain some amount of weight which makes them lazy and less active which does not suit them. You must check up their weight and must help them be trained and physically active so that they get rid of their extra weight laziness.

Pets are very close to us or as important as our family, it is our duty towards them to treat them as we treat ourselves so that they do not put themselves in any sort of condition. It has been difficult to go outside and play with our pets, so we must make a friendly environment at home so that it suits them the best and thus help them to get all that is important for them.