How to Super-Easy Make a Drawstring Bag?

In today’s era, it has been observed that the youths are most concerned about their fashion and standard of living. We have created such an atmosphere in our society that each one of us is following the trends set up by different role models. The bags are too the part of this system and thus the youths are most focused on using different bags to gain popularity and attention of the others. Drawstring bags are the most trendy and are most preferred as they are stylish and cheap. These sorts of bags are very easy to manufacture and need lesser effort out of them.

What is Drawstring?

Small white drawstring bag

It has been seen that whenever we need to gather a fabric we use a drawstring which is nothing but a piece of strings, cord, lace, or rope. These drawstrings are used up at many places as it ties up the end of the material and holds it tightly by tying up a knot. These drawstrings are nowadays used as a fancy product and it makes that article look more attractive as before, for example, it has been used in sweatshirts to get it a trendy look and also used in shoes with their contrasting color which increases the attraction of many spectators.

In late 1996 a decision was taken against these drawstrings that they may prove to be harmful to the small children and thus the United States Consumer Product Safety (CPSC) issued a guideline about this fact and thus is ban to be used for the upper clothes of the small children. This initiate was taken after seeking in mind that these drawstrings can be proved hazardous for the children and may lead also to their death so in the year 2006 CPSC issued a letter for the manufactures and made them clear that the use of drawstrings for the children will not be seen from now and thus many of the manufactures have been following this rule all across the world for the safety norms of the children.

What is the History seen behind the drawstrings bags?

This category of the bags which are also known as the Muslin Bags or Cinch bags has been used in many decades. Many years ago from now these sorts of bags were used up by the men and thus a shocking fact for today’s youths. Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs men used to have a small pouch and they tied up their waist with the help of a long chord. Yet these bags do not gain popularity up to the 14th century but these get popularity after this period. Drawstrings bags are mostly used to be made up of cloth or leather material and thus they were used to carry money, silver, or gold coins in those bags.

What sort of requirements is needed to make drawstrings bags?

Here are the following kinds of stuff that you must gather first before starting working on a drawstring bag.

  • Piece of fabric as per your choice.
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissor
  • Oil pins
  • 5 meters of the cord of specific color of your choice
  • Safety pin

Here are the simpler steps that must be followed one-by-one as mentioned to prepare drawstrings bag.


  • The first and basic need is to have good quality fabric material so that it lasts long and attracts the observer.
  • The size of your fabric must be approx. 44*19 inches, you may vary the size of the fabric but it must be in the same proportion as given.
  • Now first cut a strip of 2 inches from one of the shorter sides so that it will help you in making the loop out of it.

The Longer Edge

  • Turn the fabric towards the wrong side facing upwards.
  • Fold the long side by ½ inch and fold it one more time about ½ inches and secure it with the help of oil pin so that it doesn’t open by itself.
  • Repeat the above mention step for another long side also.

The Shorter Edge

  • Now let’s work on the shorter side of the fabric.
  • You have to fold it about 1 inch and cut both the corners at 450 angles and again fold it by 1 inch over the shorter side.
  • The reason behind cutting the corners is so that we got a clean and exact corner shape out there.
  • Repeat the same step for another short side also.
  • We will stitch both the folded shorter edge and the stitching must be very clean and close to the edge.
  • This helps us to create the path of the cord for our bag.

The Loop

  • Now we will work on the cut piece from our fabric at the beginning.
  • First, check that the wrong side faces upwards.
  • Now fold it from both the side so that their edges come at the middle and then fold into half.
  • Stich the part which is meant to be open so that it doesn’t open at all from the edges.
  • Cut 2 pieces of 5 inches long from the strip.

The Bag

  • Now face the right side of the fabric and fold it into half from the shorter side of the fabric.
  • Now make a loop out of the 5 inches strip and place it at the folded end at both sides.
  • While inserting this strip make sure that it’s losing ends faces outside and the loop part remain inside.
  • With the help of pin stick this strip at their respective places as mentioned.
  • Now stitch both the folded longer side from the loop up to the end and take out the coil pins.
  • The bag is stitched from 3 sides and the 4th side is open, with help of this side turn around the bag fully and bring it right side out.
  • The loop we inserted before will be seen out there.

The Cord

  • Let’s take a cord so that you can hold the bag with the help of this.
  • To determine the length of the cord make a double L shape around the bag and cut it at its end.
  • Repeat this above step to get a pair of the needed cord.
  • Now we have to pull this cord out from the top of the bag having a slot onto it.
  • With the help of a safety, pin attaches this to one end of the cord and push it forward with the help of pin and take the cord out from another side.
  • Repeat this above step for the other sleeve also and take another end out of it.
  • Take one of its ends and pass it through the loop which is attached at the bottom of the bag.
  • Tie the two strings together with the double knot and trim of the extra cord if seen.
  • Here one side of the bag is ready and we will work in the same way to the other part.
  • You have to repeat the same above steps, but the only difference is that you have to pass it from the opposite direction so that it comes out of the other end.
  • Pass the cord from the loop and tie a double knot their just as done before.
  • Your string bag is ready to be used as per your choice.