How To Secure Twitter Account by Removing 3rd Party Access?

Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter easily download the information about your actions that they collect and keep, however, Secure Twitter Account by Removing 3rd Party Access as third-party applications linked to your Twitter account may not follow the very same policy. As a result, based on specific permissions, these applications may collect and utilize information from your account in a variety of ways. You can disable these programs if you are concerned about how they work. Follow the prompts to withdraw app access; you no longer need your Twitter account.

How to revoke permissions for apps connected to your Twitter account?

Twitter, for example, collects information about you in order to show material based on your tastes and produce targeted advertisements. When you link a third-party app to your Twitter account, you are granting the application access to the account whether you mean to or not. As a consequence, these apps can view your Tweets, just see what you follow, modify your profile, send Tweets on your behalf, view your Private Messages, and do other things. If the nature of third-party applications concerns you, read this page to learn how to cancel rights for apps related to your Twitter account.

  1. Start the Twitter app.
  2. Go on to the Menu and press the Menu button.
  3. Select the Settings and privacy tab.
  4. Choose Account.
  5. Navigate to Apps and Sessions.
  6. To revoke an app’s access, choose it.
  7. Revoke app permissions by tapping the Revoke app permissions option.

It’s a good idea to evaluate third-party applications that have access to your account on a frequent basis and, if necessary, cancel their access.

Removing 3rd-party access from your Twitter account is a great way to keep your account safe.

Twitter’s authentication mechanism was changed from password to OAuth. This means that every third-party program that wants to access your Twitter account must first authenticate with Twitter, and you can view a list of all third-party Twitter applications that require authentication here. This will eliminate the trouble of sharing your login and password with any app while also increasing the security of your account.

You can always delete an application from your Twitter account settings page if it turns out to be spammy. In this post, I’ll show you how to see which applications have access to your Twitter account and how to remove that access with a single click:

Go to Settings > Apps after logging into your Twitter account. You’ll get a list of all apps that have access to your Twitter account; evaluate all of the apps you’re using and select the revoke access button to eliminate the ones you don’t want.

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