How to Retrieve Deleted Hangout Messages?

Google provides a plethora of applications that are beneficial not only for personal usage but also for professional use. Google Hangouts is a popular Internet program that allows you to easily chat with other Google accounts.

It is a chat-based program in which all messages are kept in a discussion hierarchy. Google Hangouts is a particularly handy discussion medium because it can be accessed via Gmail, Android, or the Hangouts website. There is no need to take any further steps to safeguard the data because all communications are kept in the Google account. However, the user may accidentally erase the data. How can you get this erased info back?

Before proceeding with the problem remedies, you should investigate the possible causes of the Hangouts message deletion.

  • The user has uninstalled the Google Hangouts app from his or her smartphone.
  • The chat was mistakenly erased by the user.
  • The user had performed a factory reset but had not made a backup of the chat.
  • Malware or spyware has infiltrated the account.

Users delete them inadvertently but later discover that the conversations were vital and must be recovered. The situation is complicated further by the fact that Hangouts never preserves deleted chat history. It implies that when they are erased, they are totally gone from the app.

But does this imply that those chats or discussions are lost and cannot be recovered? No, it isn’t like that because we still have the option of restoring Hangout messages from Android. Let’s How to Retrieve Deleted Hangout Messages?

Method 1: Using Android Data Recovery, recover deleted messages from Hangout.

The first and most trustworthy method for recovering lost Hangout messages on Android is to utilize a professional tool like Android Data Recovery. This is one of the finest and most recommended methods for easily restoring all deleted Google Hangout messages. It’s designed for Android users who have lost important data from their phones, such as photos, videos, text messages, documents, WhatsApp messages, contacts, call history, and so on.

The powerful tool is compatible with all Android phones, including those manufactured by Samsung, HTC, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Sony, Oppo, Vivo, Redmi, and others.

Instead of worrying about lost messages or chat conversations on Hangouts, utilize Android Data Recovery software to recover deleted Hangout messages on Android.

Step 1: Connect your Android phone to the PC and enable USB debugging.

Step 2: Choose the type of data you wish to recover and press the next button.

Step 3: Click on the Quick Scan (for unrooted device) or Deep Scan (for rooted device) button to scan data.

Step 4: Preview and select the data to recover. Click on the mobile or Computer icon button to download files on your preferred device.

Aside from this, there are additional techniques that may be of interest to you in order to recover all deleted Hangout messages on Android. They are as follows:

Method 2: Use Gmail to search for and review Hangout communications.

When you have your hangout history set up for Gmail to preserve all of your conversations automatically, it will be much easier to discover and examine those messages if they are accidentally erased.

Step 1: Open Gmail on your computer and sign in with the same account that you use for Hangouts.

Step 2: Choose More from the Gmail label list on the left.

Step 3: Next, hit Chats, and you’ll get a list of all Hangout history kept on it.

Step 4: Locate the Hangout you want to read and touch it to open it.

You may also look for previous hangout messages by following the steps below:

To begin, launch Gmail on your PC.

Enter “in:chats” in the search field and then press the Search button.

You may view all Hangout communications with a Hangout icon in the search results.

Method 3: How to Recover Archived Hangout Messages on Android.

If you’ve ever archived your Hangout communications, you may quickly unarchive them to obtain access to all of your Hangout chats.

But, before you can retrieve your archived conversations, you must first archive all of your Hangout communications.

Don’t worry; the techniques below will demonstrate how to archive Hangout messages on Android as well as how to restore archived Hangout messages/chat conversations on Android.

How to Archive Android Hangout Messages/Conversations

Step 1: Sign in to your Google+ account.

Step 2: Now, in the left corner, tap on the drop-down menu.

Step 3: From here, select “Hangouts,” which will take you to the Hangout area.

Step 4: You will see a list of all the hangouts, from which you must choose the one you wish to archive. When you click on it, a little chat window will appear.

Step 5: Now, press on the gear icon to view all of its settings.

Step 6: Select “Archive” from the left-hand menu, and all of your Hangout communications will be conveniently archived.

How to Recover Lost Hangout Conversations from Device’s Archive Section

After you’ve archived your Hangout chats as described above, it’s time to recover them if they’re accidentally deleted or lost.

  • Open Hangouts on your Android phone or tablet and go to the Menu option.
  • Next, select “Archived Hangouts.”
  • Next, choose the “Conversation” you want to unarchive.
  • Finally, go to More > Options > Unarchive Conversation.


This post has explored two methods for recovering lost Hangouts conversation history on your Android device. We hope that by following our tutorial, you will be able to locate your desired Hangouts messages. Aside from Hangouts, your Android smartphone has a plethora of other files. If you mistakenly delete some of them, we recommend that you have this Android data recovery application – EaseUS MobiSaver – installed on your PC. As a consequence, you won’t have to worry about regaining access to any wiped data on your Android.

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