How to Remove HubSpot from Gmail?

Many businesses and professionals are now using HubSpot to manage their job progress, client information, and contact details. You must link an email address to your HubSpot account in order to use it. Gmail is widely used for integrating. If you wish to disable your HubSpot accounts or change your email, you must first delete your current Gmail account. Then you must deactivate that Gmail account’s access to HubSpot. We’ll teach you how to uninstall HubSpot from Gmail in this blog.

Just Before You Begin

HubSpot is a fantastic platform for managing user information, social media marketing, and customer relationship management, among other things. You may quickly disconnect your individual inbox or group inbox from HubSpot if you wish to switch to another product and disable your HubSpot account. Only the method of uninstalling HubSpot from your Gmail account will be discussed in this post. To do so, you must first delete Gmail from your HubSpot profile. Before you disable your HubSpot login, make a backup of all your documents and information. Otherwise, when you uninstall Gmail from HubSpot, the data will be gone. You can find something about what happens when you disconnect your Google account from HubSpot by clicking here. So, without any further ado, let’s get this party started.

Removing HubSpot from Gmail

  1. First, launch HubSpot and sign in to your profile.
  2. In the main menu bar, look for the “Settings” menu icon. Simply click on it. The Settings dialogue box will appear.
  3. Navigate to the left-hand menu and choose “Integrations.” There will be a drop-down menu displayed.
  4. Choose “Email Integrations” from the list.
  5. Navigate to the “Connected Emails” tab and choose the email mailbox you wish to disconnect. Then, select “Disable.”
  6. Click “Yes, deactivate it” to confirm. Your Gmail inbox will thereafter be greyed out and labeled “Disabled.”
  7. After you have disabled your HubSpot account, select “Delete” to remove the mailbox from your profile.
  8. A dialogue box with a confirmation message will display. “Yes, delete inbox” should be selected.
  9. After that, another dialogue box will display on your screen indicating the completion of uninstalling a G Suite-associated mailbox. Select “Got it.” And your Gmail account has been successfully deleted.
  10. However, in order to permanently disconnect your account, you must also deactivate the HubSpot connection from your Gmail account. You must first log in to your Gmail account.
  11. Next, navigate to your “Google account settings.”
  12. From the left column option, select “Security.”
  13. Next, check for the area under “Third-party apps with account access.” Choose “Manage third-party access.”
  14. Look for “HubSpot” in the list of third-party apps. Choose it. Then select “Remove Access.” In addition, HubSpot is fully erased from your Gmail account.
  15. You may also delete your team email from HubSpot using the same procedure. Navigate to “Conversations” in your HubSpot account to get started.
  16. From there, select “Inbox.” Then, select “Inbox Settings.” Select “Channels.”
  17. Choose the email channel you wish to delete and press the “Delete” button. Then, choose “Yes, delete.” Then, from step 10 through step 14, repeat the process to conclude the removal.

So, that’s how you simply delete HubSpot from Gmail.

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