How to Merge Photo Libraries?

Did you know that Google no longer offers unlimited storage on its digital photo library platform? Millions of users have had to merge their existing libraries to a new platform.

Are you in the process of merging your photo libraries right now? Read our article to learn how to merge photo libraries efficiently!

Get To Know Your Photo File Organizer Options

Merging photo libraries does not have to be stressful or complicated. Begin the process by understanding your photo file organizer options.

For example, you can manually and automatically merge your photo libraries. It all depends on the formats, file sizes, and organizational systems in place.

If you plan on merging your photo libraries together then there are a few simple steps you can take to protect any photos from being lost in the process.

First, lock any photos that are especially valuable. Locking a photo will require a manually derived password to delete the photo from any library. It also locks the photo in the original format.

Lastly, begin the process of organizing your photos into the same format to make the merging process as easy as possible.

Manually Merging Small Photo Libraries

It is possible to manually merge photo libraries, however, this should be reserved for smaller libraries if possible.

Manually merging photo libraries leaves room for error. If the library is small then it is an easier task to accomplish.

One way of manually merging photo libraries is to copy and paste your old library into your new one. This can be done easily by using the basic functions of your mouse or trackpad.

While you are pasting your old library into your new one, your computer may ask you about duplicate photos. Stay tuned on how to properly handle the duplicate file situation.

If you have more than two libraries that you are attempting to merge together then the process becomes a little bit more complicated.

Begin by adding one library to another until you are left with only two libraries. Finally, repeat the initial process with careful attention to locked photos and duplicate photos.

Removing Duplicate Photo Files 

Duplicate photos can happen during a complex photo library merger. Handling duplicate photo situations do not have to be complicated or stressful.

In fact, duplicate photos can be a blessing in disguise. It is always better to have extra copies of your photos than to lose your photo forever.

When you manually are merging multiple libraries, your computer will likely ask you to approve or disapprove of the duplicate photo being added to your library.

However, if you decide to merge your libraries with an automatic photo merging application then this decision can be made automatically.

When you merge libraries with software you are able to authorize actions that the software can take while merging libraries. This is especially useful for large library collections.

How to Merge Photos for Large Libraries

Large photo libraries leave plenty of room for error when merges are being carried out. It is a good idea to prepare your computer for the intense amount of activity before beginning the merge.

Begin by restarting your computer and clearing your file explorer of any temp files and downloads that you no longer need.

Close any applications that you do not actively need running in the background as well. This will help your computer be able to handle the large amount of data being processed at once.

Next, make sure you have enough space on your hard drive for the incoming files! The last thing you want is to be halfway through your merging and be forced to quit because there is not enough room.

Automatic Photo Library Merging

Automatic photo library merging is a great option for those who do not have hours of time to approve every message your computer will send you while the merge is occurring.

However, computers are infallible as well. Be sure to spend time running through the settings to make sure that you do not lose any precious photos while the merge is going on.

While your merge is being completed, consider taking this time to organize your new library. As the photos come in, you can create folders, tags, and labels that will tell them where to go.

Having an organizational system that is easy to follow and convenient to access will help you merge your libraries smoothly and successfully.

What About the Photos I No Longer Want?

While you are merging your photo libraries, you may come across photos that you no longer want anymore.

Now is the perfect opportunity to move them into the trash bin! Every personal computer is different, however, it is customary to have an area to delete your files.

If there are multiple photos that you no longer want then consider grouping them together so that you can delete them simultaneously.

Once you have gotten rid of the photos that no longer serve you, your library merging journey will be completed and you can begin enjoying your new photo library!

Are You Ready to Merge Photo Libraries?

Now you know how to successfully merge photo libraries! Are you ready to begin the process of transferring your photos?

Remember, you have multiple options when it comes to photo library merging so select the method that is right for you.

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