How to Install WordPress on Mac?

One of its factors why WordPress really has a large customer base, in my perspective, is the simple technical challenge that welcomes everybody. So, whether you’re a total beginner or an experienced developer, you’ll probably be able to have a WordPress-powered blog up and operating in a matter of hours. Let’s get to How to Install WordPress on Mac?

One of the nicest aspects of WordPress development is how you can organised your dev environment wherever you want and and concentrate on creating WordPress plugins rather than messing with database objects. In this regard, you have the choice of running it on your local machine or using a highly scalable cloud server.

In this article, I’ll show you how to install WordPress on Mac and set up a perfectly working development experience to support you construct your own WordPress website or construct a quick demo for a customer.

Why Is It Necessary to Install WordPress Locally?

WordPress has a minimal entrance threshold because it is an open system that anybody may use for their businesses. As previously stated, WordPress is represented with almost all the hosting solutions imaginable – from a server computer to totally managed It service solutions (such as Cloudflare, which allows you to launch a massive WordPress site in about a few clicks), you can choose a design that meets your budget and expertise.

But today, I’m simply going to talk about installing WordPress directly on your PC. Here are the three major reasons why you’d have a localized WordPress development environment.

Training and Development:

If you really are new to local Website designing and would like to hone your abilities as a WordPress developer, the offline portal is an excellent choice. The great thing is that there is no charge so you can learn WordPress development at your own leisure.

Trying innovative features:

Trying innovative features  on a live website is not a smart option because things can fail and disrupt your business functions. By installing WordPress localhost, you have a secure environment in which to try innovative features, customizations, and plugins.

An Isolated Development Environment:

Local WordPress configuration provides an exclusive production environment with minimal risk and spread positive for working with different tools and approaches. In many situations, an environment is required to test ideas and experiment with code. When you have a prototype ready, you may transport it to a testing location for quality assurance and refinement.

Install WordPress on Mac

If you own a Mac, you can even use WordPress directly on your computer. To install WordPress locally, you’ll need to build up a stack, just as on Windows. Although the procedures vary somewhat, the general method of utilising WordPress locally on Mac is the same.

Step 1: Download MAMP

To begin, download MAMP, which creates a web server and databases for the WordPress installation.


Download the macOS setup from the MAMP website.

When the download is complete, launch the installation screen to initiate installing MAMPP. It is possible that you may be prompted to install the Full features as well. This is not required, and you may begin with the free version by selecting the grey icon.

When the installation is complete, go to the MAMP interface and start the stop server.

When the server is ready, select the Open WebStart page button to launch phpMyAdmin.

Step 2: Install WordPress Locally on a Mac

Mac users may get WordPress for Mac from the official site.

Start server

Extract the downloaded file and put the folder within the MAMP content root directory after downloading WordPress for Mac. This folder can be renamed to match the WordPress site’s name.

By using the MAMP control panel, build the database with phpMyAdmin. Well, phpMyAdmin functions in the same way as it does on Windows. To add database details, go to the wp-config.php file and enter the database name.

Now, go to http://localhost/newwpsite and execute the WordPress installation procedure.

The remaining procedures are identical to those for installing WordPress locally on Windows.


 I showed you how to install WordPress on and Mac in this article. Using WordPress locally on your Workstation comes in useful, and there are several use cases when doing so adds a lot more value to your learning process.

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