How to Install WhatsApp without Mobile Number?

In today’s generation, people are very much influenced by a social media platform and thus deplete most of their time over here. Many individuals try hacking this platform for other benefits and thus try taking over the privacy of the other users. WhatsApp is ordinarily used hence is a more preferred option for hackers. The registration at WhatsApp is done with the help of a cellphone number and thus becomes an issue for many as they don’t want others to have that. There are many hacks through which you can bypass the registration process and start WhatsApp messenger without a cellphone number.

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Here are few tricks which would help you get registered on WhatsApp without a cellphone number.

  • Flight Mode Trick

  1. First of all, if you are already a WhatsApp user then uninstall it by taking backup of all your media so that it doesn’t get efface from you.
  2. As you have uninstalled WhatsApp from your device, install it again from Playstore.
  3. Registration in WhatsApp is done with the help of a cell phone number only and thus needs hacking tricks to get over it.
  4. Change the setting of your network to ‘Flight Mode’ or ‘Airplane Mode’ first.
  5. Now open the WhatsApp registration page and enter your mobile number and click ‘ok’ over there.
  6. As you have turned off your network, you won’t receive any sort of verification code.
  7. Switch on your network setting.
  8. Now, WhatsApp will try helping you get verification code through other means. You have to choose “Verify through SMS” and then enter your mail id on it.
  9. Now click submit and immediately try canceling it by tapping on the cancel option.
  10. Now try creating a spoof message with help of a third-party app and
  11. Go to Outbox and copy the message details and send it to any fake number to get completely registered on WhatsApp.
  • This trick helps you to register for WhatsApp without any use of a cellphone number.

  • Landline Trick

  1. You can get over your registration with help of the landline number in use with very simple steps.
  2. Firstly install WhatsApp and register your landline number with a suitable country code, now if you see an option of ‘call me’ for verification purposes then click on that to get your verification code.
  3. If you don’t see that option then don’t panic wait for WhatsApp to get failed with the SMS verification process and soon this happens you will get this ‘call me’ option over there and can easily get registered to WhatsApp without using your cellphone number.
  • Virtual Trick

There are many third-party apps available nowadays which helps to generate a virtual or temporary number, through it we can log in to WhatsApp by following certain below given steps.

  1. Firstly install such sort of app on your smartphone and login into it.
  2. This application will ask for your area code to generate a different option for you to pick up on and then select any number of your choice and complete the rest of the procedure.
  3. Now install WhatsApp and enter the virtual number generated employing that application.
  4. Wait for a while so that SMS verification to be get canceled so that we can pick up on for ‘call me’ option.
  5. Within no time you will get a call on this virtual number from the WhatsApp team for verification code and thus will help you to get login into WhatsApp easily.

Is it safe to safe to install WhatsApp without a cellphone number?

It is a right and true fact that nothing is safe if you try to skip or break certain rules or norms as this will put you in peril very soon. WhatsApp is said to be a secured social media platform as it provides the best privacy policies to its user and thus has billions of users onto it. If you try deceiving with such associations then this will grief your reputation onto there, so registration onto anything must be done with allegiance so that they have true information’s about you and can help you if entail.