How to install ring video doorbell pro?

In today’s era due to the increase in the rate of crimes, safety has become the prior need of every individual, due to the technological era it has been seen that the rate in the crime has reduced and the criminal are also caught in very less time as compared to previous data. Accessories like webcam, a video doorbell, sensors, etc. had helped a lot to maintain discipline in society and increase the safety of the women’s a lot so that they can enjoy their life the way they want.

Ring doorbell (company):

Ring Inc. is home security and a way to create your home smartly. This company manufactures security alarm, video doorbells which make your home more smart and safe. They provide an application through which you can share the footage to your neighbor and also have a partnership with Police so that you may convey them the information about any suspect directly. This is the best way to protect yourself and also ensures its safety when you are on your holidays.

What are the features in Ring Doorbell?


This doorbell is advanced with the following features:


  • HD Camera:

    The camera provided here is of very good quality with 1080p video recording, this footage can be seen and saved in your Ring app and also gets alerts through that. The infrared allows you to record footage even in deem light. It is capable of recording wide-angle HD video footage to enhance your security level.

  • Two-way audio:

    This doorbell allows you to feel safe and secured and thus provide a two-way communication system so that you can talk to the visitors and thus also can see the visitors using the Ring app.

  • Motion detection:

    it is also equipped with motion sensors that detect the footage and inform you about the present situation outside your door.

  • Mobile access:

    They provide you an application by which you get a notification and also can see the visitors and talk to them; it also saves the previous footage into your data so that you may see when needed. You can operate it anywhere around and can communicate with the visitors.

How to install your Ring video doorbell pro?

These are the following simple step which might be followed to install your set-up easily.

  1. First of all, we need to see upon the level on which we are installing our set-up, with the help of the level tool provided with the toolbox insert it in front of your doorbell.
  2. Now indicate the position of the doorbell where you want to install it and must be about 5ft above your ground level. Before marking the position you must see that the bubble in the level tool must be at the center.
  3. Now mark the holes with the marker so that you get the idea where you need to get a hole to mount it permanently.
  4. With the help of a drill machine, make the hole so that you can tighten it properly onto the wall.
  5. Screw the doorbell and tighten it properly and place the faceplate, before see that you had removed the level tool.
  6. At the bottom of the doorbell, there is a screw that needs to be tightened so that your faceplate does not fall on its own.
  7. Now you are ready to take advantage of this Ring video doorbell pro.

How to charge your Ring video doorbell pro?

  1. Firstly remove the battery which is at the bottom of the doorbell.
  2. You need to charge your battery until the indicator becomes green, use the orange cable provided to charge the battery.
  3. Insert the battery back into the device and you can use it up to months and then need to charge it again. You can also purchase another battery so that they can be used alternately.